Top 11 Online Businesses Ideas to start with little or no money

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15 Jul 2020 9 min. read
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The best part of starting a business venture online is the zero investment approach. Anybody with a functional computer, internet connection, and an ambitious mind-set, can start up a business venture online without even investing a penny into it. Nowadays with several technical tools and help online, one doesn’t even need the technical expertise to start an online business venture.

The added perks include the fact that you may stay wherever you feel like, customize your own daily goals and routine and also work only as much as you feel like. Now, who doesn’t want that? Also, initially, no professional or marketing knowledge is required as such. It happens to be a truly self-governing medium for a private enterprise.

So without any further delay, let’s check out the best online business options that require no capital at all!

best business to start with no money

Zero Investment Business Ideas

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Video Content Creation

Do you watch YouTube videos? Of course, you do! It’s the most popular platform at present to showcase talent and creativity and knowledge as well. With billions of users hooked to the world of YouTube, there are millions of content creators out there, making videos for the viewers. It adds to the fun, creativity, and education as well.

You can bank upon YouTube’s reach to add to your income, using the internet. You don’t really have to make a viral video each time. But uniqueness helps grab attention! No doubt about it. Presenting the concept of your video in a neat and quirky form is the way towards it. Also, marketing is important to reach out to viewers. There’s a lot of work to make a mark online, but at least you do not need a huge amount of capital or so.

Here’s what you need to do:

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing business that is based on performance. In this business, the company or brand basically pays you to promote their business.

This is how it works.

Through affiliate marketing, you basically promote various products for sale through your content. It may be via blogs or on social media or even on YouTube. Every product contains a distinctive link that connects to the account you have with your affiliate business partner. A customer/viewer who clicks on the given link is directed to the cart of your business partner for billing or checkout. If they happen to buy the product, you get your promised commission.

There are a few things that you should watch out before sealing a deal with someone:

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If you love to read then you surely love to express what you absorb through reading. The best way to do that is via writing. So, if you happen to be a person who likes to pen down their thoughts, feelings, or expertise, should surely try blogging.

Sooner or later, you may join hands with affiliate marketers and get some revenue through your content. You may also create your own site and start hosting it at a very minimal price. You may also start the pay-per-ad campaign where you just need to get a code from Google. After that, ads just appear on your site automatically and you get paid whenever an ad is clicked.

Blogging usually starts with writing on various free of cost platforms. But this is not the only way of doing it. You can blog about your travel pictures or even food! It just has to be a continuous flow of content that reaches out to a target audience.

So what are the blogging strategies that attract the most audience? Check out!

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Freelance Content Writers

Gone are the days when going to an actual office was considered to be a credible job status. Nowadays, freelancing is seen to capture the market pretty well. Out of all the possible freelance ideas, content writing happens to be really on the rise.

You wonder why? We will tell you why.

Digital presence has become a mandatory tool in conducting and promoting businesses nowadays. Each and every enterprise needs writers to promote themselves online. This is where you jump in.

Freelancing is a flexible activity that fits the purpose of the employee as well as that of you yourself. You can earn money and dodge the corporate drama simultaneously. Now, who doesn’t like that? You can sit at home, in your pajamas, hair messed up, eating breakfast, doing research on serious stuff, and earning money. Just imagine!

Let’s see how you can start freelance writing:

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Graphic Designer

Various businesses and brands require designers on a daily basis to create their logos, social media posts, and various other advertising tools. If you happen to possess the relevant skills mentioned above, then this is one of the coolest things to pursue now.

With the lockdown situation, work from home culture is expected to be permanent for a while now. Graphic design is one of the industries that is unaffected by the present situation of the world. Even at such troubled times, designers are hired to create pictorial awareness of the situation.

All you need is a laptop, a pen tab, an internet connection, and last but not the least, a creative mind that thinks out of the box.

How to start with graphic designing business without investment? Check this out

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Virtual Assistant

So what is the role of a virtual assistant? Well, a virtual assistant is the one who provides administrative skills and advice to clients. VA-s are independent service providers and usually work outside the regular office.

If you happen to be decently organized who carry out tasks efficiently, then you may think of this as a career choice without any investment.

What are the job roles of virtual assistants, you ask? Well, follow up!

Tab with a shop clipart in circle

Online Retailer

Are you someone who loves to shop online? Well, you are not the only one! The world is full of people who love online shopping and are somewhat addicted to it as well. So why not turn the tables and make yourself some money out of it?

If you are someone who can cook innovative recipes, make interesting art that can appeal to people and all other creative stuff, why don’t you all try your hand at the business of online retailing?

People do love to shop online. You just add your products to their cart.

If you create products that you think are worthy to sell, then do start off by creating a space where you can sell your products online. You may sign up with various online shopping sites to sell your product and make money.

Here’s what you need to do:

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Social Media Consultant

Social media has become the trend for a long time now. It is assumed to be so important that, some people question your existence if you are not available on the various social media platforms. So with an ongoing trend like this, which feels so permanent, who doesn’t want to plunge in?

So if you happen to be a creative mind, with decent writing skills who keep up with the trending news and articles, then this is the perfect business without investment option for you!

Talking of digital presence, social media plays a vital role in it. Most of the brand owners and business leaders do not know the basics of social media ethics or millennial trends. So, by being their social media consultant, you can take hold of their social media activities.

You may design various posts for them and also suggest changes with their social media appearance as well. It is like styling the brand image and getting paid for it without any investment. How cool is that?

Step to start a social media consultant business:

thumbnail or website development

Web Designer and Developer

If you happen to possess the necessary skills that are needed to design and develop a website, then you should be assured about having a broad customer base. This includes web and mobile app developers as well. The pay is good and you don’t really need investment to get the relevant skills.

This requires no formal education. If you have acquired the skills through YouTube tutorials or through a friend, nothing matters as long as you are good at it. With the developing interface of business trends and marketing strategies, this is a very cool online business that you can embark upon.

Work on a contract basis, and manage the accounts. You are good to go!

Here’s what you need to do to start an online web design business:

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Business Coach

This may sound like being a business consultant, but it’s not. Business consultants help brands build strategies to start off a business, but a business coach helps them to hunt for success.

If you are good with communication skills and like talking to people in a therapeutic way, a business coach would be a good business option for you without any investment. All you need to do is talk to people and guide them through personal development to think through their business strategies.

You basically help people figure out their problems themselves and that’s much better than providing any risky advice! From a business point of view? You get paid for talking sense into people!

So how to do it? Follow up!

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Online Education

The prime utility of the internet has always been about delivering information. With the global lockdown halting almost every sector of society, online education is one of the few sectors that has been booming. Private tuitions have always been the core profitable space in the education business. Now, with the new phase that the world has gone into, private tuitions are seeing a new phase of profit with the online classes.

Without any real investment and flexible working hours, online education business is one of the best examples of business without capital investment.

Here’s how to start one:


Last but not the least, in contrast to a brick-and-mortar start-up business venture, you do not require to have a massive start-up capital in order to start some of the online businesses. In fact, you can actually set up numerous online business ventures without any investment at all. This is possible at present because there happens to exist numerous free of cost amenities to enable a positive outcome.

Hopefully, this has been a delightful learning experience for all the aspiring low budget entrepreneurs out there. If you need more such content to keep going, find it on our platform, TheCodeWork.

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