A fintech payment solution that allows one to make local and international payments and money transfers without a credit/debit card, or domiciliary account.



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VeightPay is a fintech product that is integrable into any platform with the help of secured APIs. The platform offers a plethora of services for every community within the product.

The below-given details explain every type of account it offers:

Product Approach

With VeightPay, we started with the full product development approach instead of MVP. This was a preference of the founders themselves and we went on board with the approach.

The entire development as well as the UI/UX designs were taken care of by ThecodeWork.

We also developed a dashboard for the Admin to handle all the accounts and take care of the transactions involved. This includes the facilitation of new integrations with merchants from the dashboard.

Technical Approach

Development Approach

The development approach we followed for the project was to get the designs prepared by our team.

Current State

Our clients have released their first version of the product and they are seeking active feedback from their target audience.

The release got delayed with multiple changes from the client from the original timeline and scope but they were able to release it to the market by partnering with multiple user types.

They are currently in the testing phase and plan to make all the iterations they are collecting feedback from their customers.

We are currently supporting the project for improvements and taking a cognisance of all the feedback from their team which can further improve the product. 


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