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MVP Program by TheCodeWork.

Stuck with an idea and wondering “how do I start a business?” What if we help you? TheCodeWork brings to you an exclusive Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Program.

Are you an early-stage startup? Save your time and money with our flagship program!

Here at TheCodeWork, we provide you with a go-to-market strategy to build the product with the assistance of our Minimum Viable Product development or the MVP approach .

MVP Cohort 2021

Hey, the 1st cohort for 2021 is here!

In each cohort, we work with 10 MVP projects from all the applications that we get!

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Have an Idea ?

Our Minimum Viable Product or the MVP Program focuses on Brainstorming Sessions and Analysis at its core. We conclude multiple brainstorming sessions with the founder to device a new product development process with a go-to-market strategy.

Why should I consider a Minimum Viable Product or the MVP Approach?

Building Lean Product

A lean product is the early-stage version of a product development process . It allows the startups to get validated learning about consumers with the least effort.
The lean product development with the MVP approach ensures faster delivery and increases profit and consumer value.

As a rule of thumb, a minimum viable product service contains 5-6 key features in the product. We, at TheCodeWork, operate closely with entrepreneurs, to build their market-fit product to test in the niche market for validation. Our minimum viable product (MVP) Program empowers you to explore the best of business opportunities through CALCULATED business management .

What are the benefits of the minimum viable product or the MVP Program?

NDA which covers you from the very beginning.

Best Suited Technology stack for your requirement.
Deliverables of well tested codebase within 6-12 weeks.
Quality and Secured Codebase.

A team of highly skilled developers & designers.
Multiple Brainstorming sessions.
On-Demand Analysis Reports

Sounds Interesting? Let us know your requirements to make your market-fit product strategy with our MVP program.

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Post minimum viable product (MVP) program Transparency

You hold the decision on how to proceed further. We give complete flexibility and transparency after the completion of the minimum viable product template using our MVP program.

Do you want to outsource tech support with us?

We provide you with an agile team of developers and a dedicated team of designers along with other key members for all the future scope of product design and business development.

Do you want to build your own leading and dedicated team?

We provide you complete support and the necessary services to assist you during the transition.

Pricing Enquiry.

The pricing of a minimum viable product (MVP), depends on the type and complexity of the product needed for the niche market. The kind of business platform that you are targeting also plays a key role in deciding the pricing of a minimum viable product (MVP). We can create custom pricing to develop the minimum viable product (MVP) for your product-market-fit startup venture.

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01. What is MVP ? MVP meaning/ MVP definition ?

MVP stands for minimum viable product. MVP was formulated by Eric Ries, an American entrepreneur. It is the early version of the product development process , which is launched in the market with the core features to receive user feedback . Depending on this user feedback , respective changes are made in the product development process . It saves time and money with a step-by-step approach to product development.

02. What does MVP mean in business?

MVP or the Minimum Viable Product is the lean startup approach for a new business. This lean startup approach has been given new energy by Mr. Eric Ries and changed the perspective of how many startup businesses work nowadays.

03. Agile MVP example.

The early products of AirBnB, Instagram, DropBox, Buffer are all classic Agile MVP examples . These companies validated their product idea and product vision via agile MVP itself. In many cases, the founders figured out the unlearning/relearning process of their product idea and made a pivot with MVP as their base.

04. Meaning of lean startup?

A lean startup is an approach introduced by an American entrepreneur, Eric Ries. It is a methodology to launch products quickly, which aligns with customer needs . This lean approach helps save time and eliminates the prospect of a large amount of funding to launch a company. It tests the product with the core features in the market and proceeds with small iterations and sufficient market testing for customer approval before making it a full-blown feature update.

05. Is minimum viable product a prototype?

A minimum viable product is an advanced version of a prototype. They are similar but not the same. The difference lies in the target base . An MVP is launched in the market to test its core features, whereas a prototype is mainly developed for internal purposes (the team, co-workers) to tweak the ideas and design. For prototypes, the audience is small and known.

06. How long will it take for a minimum viable product ( MVP ) to be built/ ready under your MVP Program?

Under our MVP Program , as a rule of thumb, we include 5-6 key features in an MVP and it takes around 6 weeks - 3.5 months against the industry standard of around 4-4.5 months.

07. Meaning of agile startup/agile methodology.

Agile startup/agile methodology is a lean software development process . It works by distributing the product development into smaller fragments called iterations. Each of these iterations is an operational part of the software that is used to get user feedback . This feedback is used to analyze the MVP development process and move forward accordingly.

08. Why should we buy MVP from you?

Our MVP programs are built for go-getter entrepreneurs who are attached to the product idea and product vision , not the feature. The customer is the king in any product and taking the customer’s feedback is the fundamental principle of our MVP Program. Our expert team of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs provide you with a unique ability to go transform your product idea and product vision , into reality.

09. List all the industries you have worked in.

We have worked in multiple product industries including HealthTech, Marketplace, FinTech, EduTech, Business Productivity, Logistics, etc.

10. What are the markets you have experience in?

We have worked in European, American, Asian as well as Australian markets in the past. We are not restricted via geographies and truly believe in the global startup culture . We are available for every entrepreneur who believes in their product idea and product vision.

11. How do you manage conflict of interest between clients?

All projects that we work with are protected via a non-disclosure agreement or the NDA that we sign with our clients.

12. How do you differentiate between two similar ideas from two different clients?

The ideas can be similar but the product vision is what separates every product. We work with the entrepreneurs to support their product vision and collectively develop their idea.

13. What tech stack are you proficient in?

We specialize in FullStack Development in both the web and mobile space. We generally follow the LAMP stack but are not limited to it. In terms of Backend, we use PHP, Python, Node, and their respective frameworks. For databases, we use MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc. For the frontend, we prefer and suggest Vue.js for its increasing usability and community. The mobile stack we follow includes both native as well ashybrid approach experts. Under native application, we use both Kotlin and Java for Android and Swift for iOS, and for hybrid, we use react native, flutter, Cordova, etc. However, we suggest the Tech Stack as per the requirements of the project.

14. What is your (minimum viable product) handover process?

In a nutshell, our minimum viable product or MVP development process starts from the initial brainstorming sessions to discuss and finalize the core features . Our development team designs and develops the product. Once product development is complete, we run tests to detect a bug in software testing . Once the product is ready, we can either hand over the entire codebase or deploy it to your respective platforms as per your requirements.

15. What is your project management model?

We follow the Scrum model of project management for the product development but the sprints are set out with the LEAN approach .

16. Do you provide an automated test suite with MVP?

No, we do not provide an automated test suite . However, we do provide a framework to maximize your validated learning .

17. What is your privacy policy like?

All parties including our clients, the founders, the developers, and everyone involved, are strictly under the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) rights from the very beginning of our conversation.