MVP Program by TheCodeWork.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, initially the only thought that we all have, is - “how do I start a business?”. So to solve that for you, TheCodeWork brings you an exclusive Minimum Viable Product or the MVP Program. It is our flagship program where we work with early-stage startup ventures, assisting them to explore business opportunities. We help them develop a go-to-market strategy to build the product with the assistance of our Minimum Viable Product development or the MVP.

Starting a business at the time of COVID-19: Business Report 2020.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, it is essential to get the latest updates on the current market conditions. The outbreak of a global pandemic or the COVID-19 has altered a lot of segments of the startup community platform and disrupted the supply chain and management. Get a detailed report on how a startup venture would coexist with the market conditions today presented by the CORONA virus.

Do you have an interesting product idea?

Our Minimum Viable Product or the MVP Program focuses on Brainstorming Sessions and Analysis at its core. We conclude multiple brainstorming sessions with the founder to device a new product development process with a go-to-market strategy.

Why should I consider a Minimum Viable Product or the MVP Approach?

Quick Turnaround time i.e, less time to release your product.

Less Cost to develop MVP.

Faster Feedback.

Avoid developing features which the customer doesn’t want.

Iterate much faster.

Building Lean Product

The fundamentals of a Minimum Viable Product or the MVP is to test your idea in the niche market before exhausting your resources by assuming the supply and demand of the market. The details and the number of features you are testing are important as building utility services to your product should never be considered in the minimum viable product design. The core idea should be the only source of testing hypothesis during your MVP Phase. As a rule of thumb, an MVP or minimum viable product service contains 5-6 key(the most important) features in the product.

We work closely with the founders to build their market-fit product and generate on-demand analysis reports specific to their product for validation of their business idea for the market. In a nutshell, our minimum viable product or the MVP Program empowers you to take the leap of faith towards entrepreneurship through CALCULATED business management, exploring the best of business opportunities.

What are the benefits of the minimum viable product or the MVP Program?

NDA which covers you from the very beginning.

Best Suited Technology stack for your requirement.
Deliverables of well tested codebase within 6-12 weeks.
Quality and Secured Codebase.

A team of highly skilled developers & designers.
Multiple Brainstorming sessions.
On-Demand Analysis Reports

Sounds Interesting? Let us know your requirements to make your market-fit product strategy with our MVP program.

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Post minimum viable product (MVP) program Transparency

You hold the decision on how to proceed further. We give complete flexibility and transparency after the completion of the minimum viable product template using our MVP program.

Do you want to outsource tech support with us?

We provide you with an agile team of developers and a dedicated team of designers along with other key members for all the future scope of product design and business development.

Do you want to build your own leading and dedicated team?

We provide you complete support and the necessary services to assist you during the transition.

Pricing Enquiry.

The pricing of a minimum viable product (MVP), depends on the type and complexity of the product needed for the niche market. The kind of business platform that you are targeting also plays a key role in deciding the pricing of a minimum viable product (MVP). We can create custom pricing to develop the minimum viable product (MVP) for your product-market-fit startup venture.

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