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Layers Of Frontend Development

The frontend part plays the main role in attracting the users and increase user interaction with the page! "What we see is what we believe",the frontend part of a website replicates the true meaning of the quote,it builds trust with the user and has mainly three layers to work on.

  • 1

    UX, and UI Design

    At the very top of the Front End stack sits the User Experience (UX) and Design layer. Developed collaboratively by UX and Visual Design specialists, this layer is not strictly speaking a software layer, but a documentation layer.

  • 2

    Front End Services

    The skills needed to make an app look the way the Design and UX specialists have envisioned are quite different to the skills needed to efficiently model the interactions between users, data, and Back End services.

  • 3

    A task service

    To load a task from the Back End, we are going to need a task service. Assuming we use Redux for state management, and there is a REST API that exposes a /task/:id endpoint, we are going to need some actions that invoke the API, and reducers that return new states, given a prior state and an action.

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