Our Work Ethics and Culture

We are an agile team of developers from India who tries to add value to your business or startup venture, in any phase starting from ideation to post-production. TheCodeWork and its entire team of developers majorly focus on Brainstorming Sessions and Analysis to the core in order to provide you with the top-notch quality product design and services.


Why did we start TheCodeWork?

Startup Venture
Initially, when we began as a startup venture, we did face a number of obstacles, with MVP or the minimum viable product being the most difficult one. With a bare minimum capital to begin with, the business options we had were terribly pitched with the customization to the already built product services and so we decided to build the product design on our own.
Product Quality
While doing so, we invested a lot of time and money into building products and designs that ended up being irrelevant. Initially, the results were good enough but soon we realized that our product design had some features which were not vibing with the niche market or the customer base. This constant juggling between product quality and the time consumed resulted in the delay in the product launch.After thorough interactions with the potential customer base, we caught up with the problems and got into good shape as a company.
Core Strategy
As an entrepreneur, having suffered through the process of attaining a go-to-market strategy, We came up with the idea of delivering MVP to the other budding startup businesses to try and test their product in the market by applying this core strategy.
Product Design
At TheCodeWork, we started our minimum viable product design or the MVP program as an overall product development both technically and along the line of the product design. Building a successful product design using the MVP approach can be a tough nut to crack, so here we are, ready to share our findings with anyone who aspires to build a great product design and explore their business opportunities in the long run.

Our MVP program

The motive of our business platform is to solve minimum viable product (MVP) Development with a quality product vision. If you do believe in your business ideas, then our MVP program is the right fit for you. Checkout our MVP Program


Meet The Team Who Make It Possible

Talking of TheCodeWork and the minimum viable product (MVP) Development program that we offer, it would be unfair to not introduce the team that makes it possible and viable. Here’s to the them!.


Ashish Singh

CEO & Co-founder

S. Koushik Debroy

CPO & Co-founder

Bhavya Singh

Digital Marketing Consultant

Amruta Radke

Android Developer

Debanshee Sajjan

Head of Digital Marketing

Shiva Iyer

Graphic Design Intern

Shreyans Jain

Marketing Intern

Sukriti Sukhija

FullStack Developer

Zubair Ahmad

FullStack Development Intern

Ranjeet Singh

FullStack Developer

Romil Wadhwani

Android Development Intern

Chandrajeet Choudhary

FullStack Developer

Amit Kumar Singh

FullStack Developer

Soumitra Biswas

Business Development Executive

Prabhat Mishra

Full stack developer

Bishwajeet Kumar

Fullstack Laravel Developer

Sonam Agrahari

Android developer

Devpal Divakar

FullStack developer

Sonam Singh

SEO Consultant

Industries We Expertise In

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