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Create efficient applications with Django developers at TheCodeWork™

TheCodeWork has the most extensive pool of skilled Django developers to help you build scalable, robust, and secure Cloud-native solutions. Hire the best Django developers on a dedicated foundation, based on the needs of your business.
Do you prefer Django for your project but can’t find the correct people for it? HIre a dedicated team of Django developers and consultants for your business.

Why choose us:

  • Abundant skill set when it comes to Django developers.
  • Faster workflow and product release.
  • Cost-effective Django team for startups and SMEs.
  • Expertise in GIT.
  • Working experience of PyMuPDF, PDF Scripting with Reportlab, PyPDF2, etc.

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Benefits of using Django

Django is actually a high-level Python-based free and open-source web framework. It also assists in the rapid development process and helps create realistic and clean designs. In addition to this, Django makes the entire Web development process much more hassle-free.

Why to use Django?

  • Here's a precise list:
  • Fast and user friendly.
  • Secure to the core. Hence keeps security concerns at bay.
  • Highly scalable. The flexibility adds up to the fast development process of Django.
  • Django besed are precise and well documented.

Why Choose TheCodeWork?

Here's a precise list:

  • ✓ Rapid Development process pertaining to the highly experienced team of developers.
  • ✓ Team of Developers with extensive working knowledge of JavaScript.
  • ✓ Team with more than 8 years of experience.
  • ✓ Overall knowledge of libraries in web, scripting etc.
  • ✓ Great hold of web frameworks Django, Flask with Python 8.x.
  • ✓ Working knowledge of PDF Scripting with Reportlab, PyMuPDF, PyPDF2, etc.
  • ✓ Already worked on Blockchain with Python.
  • ✓ Extensive knowledge of Web scraping.
  • ✓ Expertise inGIT.

Django Projects That we have worked on



A online marketplace for getting work done in the offline field.

Genitrust Savings


Genitrust is one of the first pioneers in the Hyper-Yield savings and investments industry for the general public



North East Medical Services (NEMS) is a non-profit community health center serving the medically-underserved populations of the San Francisco Bay Area.


Meet our team of Django Developers

Junior Django Developer

  • • 0-2 years of experience.
  • • Efficient with Python 3.x.
  • • Library/Framework knowledge in Django/Flask, Pandas, etc.
  • • Handled mostly SQL.

Mid Level Django Developer

  • • 2-5 years of experience.
  • • Efficient with Python 3.x.
  • • Knowledge of unit tests.
  • •Library/Framework knowledge in Django /Flask, Pandas, Reportlab, etc.
  • • Knowledge in FullStack Development.
  • • Efficient with Database designing and has been handling both SQL and NoSQL.

Senior Django Developer

  • • 5+ years of experience.
  • • Efficient with Python 3.x.
  • • Knowledge of unit tests.
  • • Library/Framework knowledge in Django/Flask, Pandas, Reportlab, etc.
  • • Knowledge in FullStack Development.
  • • Efficient with Database designing and has been handling both SQL.
  • • Efficient in Product thinking.
  • • Efficient with managing a team.

Popular Brands Unsing Django

Frequently Asked Questions

Django is responsible for the fast development process and creates clean designs as well. In addition to that, Django is user-friendly too!
Good enough? Django is often considered to be the best web framework for development purposes.
The cost of building Python Applications is subjective and depends on factors like,
  • 1. Platform
  • 2. Features included
  • 3. Time taken to develop the entire application.
Our team has been working with PHP for the last 9 years. We have dealt with web frameworks that include Django, DRF, Flask, and even created standalone scripts. This has further enhanced our workflow with Python and given us the eligible expertise to add to our experience.
Django being a collection of Python libs, is used for backend as well as frontend development.