Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources(FHIR)

Make use of the modern industry-based approach to handle discrete elements related to healthcare data. Enhance interoperability with HL7 FHIR healthcare solutions. At TheCodeWork®, you get the finest team for healthcare integration.

We aim to provide services ranging from the implementation of FHIR integrations to building apps for different EHRs, while you continue to excel in connecting healthcare.

Our Offerings

FHIR-up your Healthcare Data Sharing Systems


Secure access to FHIR resources with OpenID Connect, Smart on FHIR, standard OAuth 2.0, Azure AD, etc.

Resource Extensions

Activate real-world use cases by expanding FHIR resources.

Appropriate Approach

FHIR server implementation with open-source technologies including - Google Healthcare API or Amazon Healthlake.

3rd Party Integrations

Integrate systems with the ecosystem while addressing compliance requirements.


Personal Health Record

FHIR is the first healthcare exchange standard that permits every data to be read, written, as well as enquired about. It offers the flexibility to integrate a device or may be a small (Personal Health Record) PHR with a larger PHR/(Electronic Health Record) EHR.


Document sharing

When integrated with External Data Sharing (XDS), FHIR produces MHD (Mobile Health Documents). This lets mobile devices, & other resource-constrained systems, utilize MHD to get access to the XDS Repository.


Decision Support

FHIR provides support for standard decision-support interactions, between separate systems, and can expose the necessary analysis data in a standard format. This enables collaboration and plug-and-play of decision support providers and clients.


Why Partner With Us?

  • We provide custom Payment Terminal Integrations.
  • We help you make informed decisions about the various alternatives
  • Take responsibility for compliance requirements
  • Have experience with the integration in real-world use cases
  • Being experienced, we get it right the first time
  • We are building in-house apps for platforms like EPIC and Cerner and using ABDM for the Indian market.
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