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For your agile and rapidly evolving business, it requires logistics software development services that are automated and capable of meeting all your operational requirements.

We provide comprehensive software application development solutions for the logistics industry, enhancing both your internal operations and external delivery processes. Our custom-made solutions cover the entire development cycle, ensuring that your logistics operations are streamlined and optimized to their fullest potential.

What we offer?

Warehouse Management: Our custom warehouse management software, driven by advanced AI capabilities, empowers you to have full control over your inventory. You can plan and optimize warehouse operations, leverage the benefits of AI for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Order Management: Our Order management software efficiently streamlines, product setup dynamic pricing, enables global order promising, work order & Quoting management System, and delivery challan & Invoicing. This helps you to deliver orders faster and with greater accuracy.

Logistics and Freight Management Development: This software offers comprehensive freight management solutions that cover various aspects, like, freight and logistics analysis, freight pay and audit services, development of web-based logistics management software, reporting and forecasting capabilities.

Transportation Management Software Development: Transform transportation operations with our Transportation Management Software. Optimize routing and scheduling, enhance visibility and collaboration, improve customer service, reduce costs, & increase operational efficiency for better resource utilization.

Asset Tracking Software Development: Maximize asset visibility & control with our Asset Tracking Software. Track & manage valuable assets in real-time, reduce loss and theft, optimize asset utilization, streamline maintenance, for enhanced productivity, cost savings, & better decision-making.

Telematics Software Development: With our Telematics Logistics Software you can gain real-time insights into vehicle tracking, driver behavior, fuel efficiency, route optimization, and performance analytics for improved fleet management, enhanced safety & cost savings.

Fleet Management Software Development: Experience streamlined fleet operations with our Fleet Management Software. Optimize vehicle utilization, track maintenance schedules, enhance driver safety, and improve fuel efficiency for cost savings, enhanced productivity, and better decision-making.

Shipping Logistics Management Software Development: Improve shippings with our Shipping Management Software. It allows you to access shipment reports, automate the entire billing process for shipments, and optimize management of multiple warehouse shipment record. This includes enhanced visibility.

Services that we provide are listed below

Logistics Benifits

Why Choose Us?

Optimizing businesses is not the same for all. We understand this difference and build custom applications that are made just for your business and its needs. Additionally, we also assist you in enhancing data capabilities, automating processes, and enhancing visibility within your supply chain.

  • Agile Developement.
  • Data Security.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Round-the-clock Support.

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NPR Logistics

NPR Logistics is an ERP Solution targets to facilitates logistics pickup & drop across the country through its network of Transporters, Vehicle Owners and Drivers.

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