Full Cycle Product Development

Shape your business with our product development services. Building a product or delivering a service is not enough anymore. You must continuously iterate and update the company with modern technology and adaptations.

This adaptation is the cornerstone of any product development cycle these days. TheCodeWork brings the right team, tech stack, strategies, and framework to the table to help you stay updated in your domain.

Working Strategy

Update Tech:TheCodeWork helps your business focus on the IT assets and make proactive tech upgrades that result in business efficiency, robust security, and happier clients.

Automate Repetitive tasks:Certain data-heavy repetitive tasks are easier with automation, creating space for more productivity. TheCodeWork offers solutions in to help businesses generate decent returns, including better data and time savings.

Save Money and Time:TheCodeWork helps your business save precious time and money by automating repetitive tasks, providing easier access to innovation, faster deployment & reducing operational costs.

Test & Validate digital product Ideas: With TheCodeWork’s full-cycle product development service, you can transform your business via apt design thinking. rapid prototyping, and agile development.

Services that we provide are listed below

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We have worked with some of the best innovative ideas and brands in the world across industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use Django (Python), Laravel (PHP), Node.js (Javascript) for the backend development. For frontend we use Vue.js, React.js, Vite.js, or Custom Javascript. For Mobile app development we use Kotlin, Swift fot Native applications and Flutter, React Native for Hybrid solutions. For Database we use MySQL, PostgreSQL for SQL databases and MongoDB for NoSQL Database. Amazon RDS & Firebase are the preferred hosted database solutions. For UI we use Tailwind CSS apart from Bootstrap and normal css.
Every project has its own set of complexity. So the timeline is kept keeping in mind the team size required and the features of the project. Static websites usually takes less time compared to a dynamic database driven website.
We have 30+ members in the team across different domains of the company.
Yes, we have a team of DevOps Engineers who will be assigned to your project.
Our testing cycle includes creating a Test Plan first, followed by writing all test cases. Performing Unit Tests, Integration Tests, Regression Tests, UI UX Tests, Performance Tests and Security Tests. Upon completion, a UAT (User Acceptance Test) is also performed before releasing the product.