Why having a USP is important for a start-up business

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22 April 2020 4 minutes read
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First and foremost, we need to understand the concept of a USP before starting with the topic. USP is the abbreviation for a unique selling point or unique selling proposition, which happens to be a differential influence, permitting the start-up business to stand out among the other contenders in the global market. Moreover, a USP is very vital as it delivers supplementary value for cash to customers who are usually influenced towards choosing for enhanced products and services. Whatever it is, that you sell, to whoever you sell as well as why you sell that particular product is the finest description of a USP in an easier manner.

USP doesn’t necessarily mean a unique product in itself, it may be an already running product or service with a significant enhancement in the model it works bringing value to both customers and investors alike.

Importance of USP for a start-up business

With numerous companies proposing the similar categories of products as well as services, you stand a chance at winning the competition, only if your product is available to a customer at the times when the competitors run out of it or else if the product that you sell has something unique which others do not. To survive existence in the same market as that of your competitors, communication is the key. Communicate with your elite clients and advertise the unique features of your goods and services.

Fundamentally, a USP is a precise description of features that help your business to stand out and be unique as well as appreciated in your market. The basic features of a USP are as follows:

At present, the competition is tough as there are various search engines to help the customers look for better and cheaper products in a faster way over the internet. If your start-up happens to be a global venture, particularly if your products are available over the internet, then it is vital that your products display the uniqueness that is not available in the products of other websites.

The basic advantages of a USP can be listed as follows:

A strongly built USP can aid you in communicating your product’s benefit in a strong and convincing way and distinguish your business from that of your global competitors. By way of concentrating on a strong USP as you design and implement your marketing and advertising policies, this can correspondingly help guarantee the perfect alignment of your proposed business operations.

Developing a strong USP

You must keep in mind that a USP does not mean just a tagline, it means a decent tagline that will successfully condense the complete USP in one line in order to create more impact.

The primary step to creating a strong link with your clients is to comprehend what they buy and why. It is important to know the client’s psychology behind their demand and shopping trend. There exist numerous sales categories, for example, convenience, superiority, sociability, reliability, hygiene, client service, and many more, that may affect your customers’ choices as well as probability to revisit. To understand your clients’ psychology, this information is imperative.

You must accept market study to understand why your existing customers prefer your brand to that of others. For beginners, you may start by studying the customers of your competitors and try to work on their preferences with much insight and innovation. Having a pure knowledge of the unique factor of your brand will accelerate your growth, as further, many more clients will choose your brand, to attain a healthier shopping experience.


To attain a strong unique selling proposition to connect with your market will need you to give it more time and the best of your personal efforts. Scrutinize your products judiciously so that you are capable of precisely controlling the reach of your USP, as well as be able to distinguish your services from that of the competitors. When you attain a well-designed USP, it will aid your start-up business to stand out among your competitors in a global market which is occupied with parallel items of nearly the same worth as well as the index. If you are someone with product visualization, try out the USP of your notion by means of an MVP at this very moment. Do get in touch with us to know more.

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