Project Details

VizitDoc is a HealthTech company and is one of sister company of TheCodeWork. Everything we do, we do it with the aim to close down the gap between the rural population and the urban healthcare. The consumer product helps them find and book appointments with doctors in tier II & tier III cities(currently limited to some parts of Assam) from the convenience of their home instead of standing long hours in the queue.


We started Vizitdoc with our very own MVP built out of django and angular. As we started approaching our partner clients, they were hesitant at the beginning with challenges varying from maintaining offline and online bookings. Also a lot of clinics handled their operations differently. In terms of technical approach we lacked the power of the SEO at the beginning. We also had a roadblock, where we initially limited the booking via login which didn’t go down well with our targeted audience.


Once we started approaching the audience, we had a lot of iterations in our product, with subtle changes to the features that were needed to cater to the rural audience. We integrated the SMS feature to both the partner and the customer post booking sessions. Also to smooth out the operation, we automated a lot of manual tasks. Once we started getting traction, we set ourselves for a revamped product with SEO as our lynchpin. We built the 2nd phase with Laravel as our backend and VueJS on the frontend with rich SEO. In the current version, we have worked extensively from the list of roadblocks we faced in our MVP and likewise the Login was made optional in this phase. Currently it has been around 2 years since starting our operations and we are building many more features and products around it week in and week out. We of course conduct Agile methodology in our development and conduct sprints of around 2 weeks.

Design Philosophy Used

In the early phase we went ahead with basic Material Design and built it with AngularJS & responsiveness was always a factor weighed in into this. The design approach was always to keep it as simple and clean as possible. As we started with the revamped website, our approach was to bring in a minimalistic design flow with a color scheme which soothes the customer and gives them the confidence of getting the proper ailment(as our product is in the field of HealthTech). We started utilising the screen portions carefully to effectively get the filters to their attention but not cluttering the space at the same time.