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VizitDoc is a HealthTech company and is one of the sister companies of TheCodeWork. 

The company’s main goal is to bridge the gap between the rural population with urban healthcare. 

The company started with the consumer product which helped the rural population get appointments for nearby doctors, online. 

Since then the company has ventured into multiple products for doctors and clinics, taking the whole ecosystem and validating each model under the constraint and limitations of rural areas.

Product Approach

In the beginning, we as a founder had little experience on the correct approach to MVP, and we started as any inexperienced entrepreneur would do. 

We built out our full patient portal in Django and AngularJS with features we thought would benefit the users. 

With rural customers as our target audience, we revamped our website removing a lot of utility features, keeping the booking in 3-5 easy steps. 

After building the patient portal, during the time of Covid-19, we also built portals on telehealth which facilitated both the patients and the doctors with their respective apps. We also created a doctor-clinic management portal to help them manage their appointments.

All our other products now strictly follow the MVP approach by validating the essential model before releasing other features around it. 

Technical Approach

When we later did our iteration, we changed our backend to PHP/Laravel and integrated VueJS as our preferred frontend framework. 

With time we have ventured into mobile apps for some of the sibling products with Flutter to build our hybrid apps. We also built native apps for iOS in one of our doctor’s platforms.

Development Approach

The current approach that we follow is,

Once we develop the feature, we test it out and put it out on our deployment distribution channels. 

Current State

After building several products and running the company for a bit more than 3 years, we shut down the operations of VizitDoc in 2021. All the IP and the codebase are still owned by us and it has been educational for the entire company to set a clear structure on the codebase. 

VizitDoc has also been a learning experience for us where we understood the importance of MVP in the early stages of any startup and thus we recommend for every startup to never skip their MVP to find a product-market-fit before building the full product.


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