5 Marketing Systems That Every Business Needs 

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13 May 2022 3 minutes read

Marketing your service company is a continuous process. Many people, however, market their service firms with one-time campaigns and promotional activities that they never repeat. This is such a time-consuming and inefficient method of marketing your company. Not to mention expensive, because you’re effectively beginning over every time. And, as you can see by looking around, the larger and more successful enterprises do not operate in this one-off manner. 

Take, for example, the airline Qantas. For years, they’ve been promoting their award-winning “I Still Call Australia Home” ad. These are two examples of successful service businesses designing marketing programs and testing them till they know they work. Then, year after year, they repeat similar campaigns (with perhaps just a few minor tweaks to keep them fresh). 

Each component of the campaign, such as the creative aspects, marketing channels, content preparation, and advertising, is part of a marketing system that they use to consistently produce leads and close sales.

So, what is a marketing system? 

A marketing system is a scalable, repeatable procedure for attracting clients, increasing sales, and expanding your firm. 

Well-designed marketing systems, like other operational business systems, save time and money, improve performance, and increase profitability. 

You may establish a variety of marketing systems for your service business, and I’ve detailed the five marketing systems I feel every service firm should have in the blog post below. 

You can also combine various marketing strategies into one overarching marketing system, as shown in the list below, to successfully promote and expand your service business sooner. 

Here are five marketing systems all service businesses need to grow: 

1. A community-building system (and email list) 

When you first start your business, you’ll need a marketing strategy to help you expand your community and email list. 

It’s how you’ll get your name out there and make yourself and your company more visible. 

This entails having a structure in place for creating content, promoting it, and then including links and invitations throughout the content to encourage people to join your email list. 

It’s a process that a company may perform over and over again with new (and evergreen) content. 

This content may be a blog, a podcast, or a video series that you generate on a regular basis, depending on your interests and strengths. 

2. A method for establishing authority and credibility. 

When it comes to marketing services, you’ll need to build a higher level of trust with your potential clients than in comparison to marketing products. 

When it comes to marketing services, you’ll need to build a higher level of trust with your potential clients than in comparison to marketing products.

This is because you’re offering an intangible product that consumers must trust you to supply. As a result, you’ll need a marketing strategy to establish authority and reputation. 

 This type of marketing system might look like this: 

To be continually present, you must include this system into your ongoing marketing activity rather than treating it as a one-time event. 

You can also establish authority by cooperating with other businesses on a regular basis, presenting as a guest on podcasts, and soliciting referrals from previous clients. 

3. A lead generation and qualification system 

You need a marketing approach that encourages people to make an inquiry once you have folks in your group and have nurtured them with authority-building material. Your marketing efforts and promotions will play a role here. 

A well-designed marketing campaign will include an offer, a deadline for accepting the offer, and a promotion that distinguishes it from your previous marketing efforts. 

A well-designed marketing campaign will have an offer, a deadline for taking up that offer and be promoted in a way that makes it stand out from all your other marketing activities.

4. A system for generating revenue from your signature service 

If you want to maximize your sales conversion rates, you’ll need a sales system or process. 

So, how can you set up a system and a procedure to increase sales of your signature service? 

A successful sales process and system necessitate the following: 

When you’ve established and tested your sales process and know what works, you can use a method like the one I’ve explained above to save time and enhance your sales effectiveness by repeating the processes again and over. 

5. A system for welcoming and onboarding new customers. 

Your client onboarding procedure is another name for your marketing system. It’s a set of steps you take every time you make a sale and move from the sales call to the first appointment. 

the five stages of customer onboarding: 

Following a method like the one stated above will also help you establish clear limits with your clients, saving you time (and stress) in the future when dealing with client requests and questions. 

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