7 Podcasts For Creative Entrepreneurs 

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29 April 2022 3 minutes read

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing digital forms, with widespread use across all age groups. One of the most popular uses for podcasts among individuals is as a learning tool, with the business genre being among the industry’s top five most popular genres. Podcasting makes learning simple and convenient, which appeals to the on-the-go entrepreneur in particular. 

Individuals who want to learn more about how to start, build, and maintain a successful business can listen to thousands of podcasts. Many of them provide expert guidance from successful businesses and frequently feature interviews with influential industry figures. Each individual has a distinct style. 

Look no further than the next few lines if you want to learn more about the greatest business podcasts to listen to in 2022.

1. The Accidental Creative 

The Accidental Creative, Todd Henry’s podcast, which has been on the air for a decade and is one of the most popular businesses/creative entrepreneurial podcasts out there, is one of the absolute favorites in this master list.

It addresses difficulties that we all face, such as breaking through creative blocks, managing a large workload, and redefining success and failure, as well as more specific aspects of entrepreneurship and creative pursuits, such as travel, scheduling, work-life balance, and productivity. The show provides extremely useful and practical information that we can all apply in our daily lives. 

2. Beyond The To-Do List 

 This podcast, hosted by Erik Fisher, is all about real-life productivity advice from entrepreneurs and creatives. This podcast is both inspiring and enjoyable. You’ll enjoy hearing about other people’s routines, experiences, productivity tips, and methods, and this podcast is chock-full of amazing people’s personal adventures and stories, triumphs, and failures.

The energy of the interviewer and his/her ability to lead the conversation are always important factors in the quality of an interview-centric show like this. Erik is excellent at this, and he chooses excellent guests, so the interviews keep me engaged. 

3. Boss Files With Poppy Harlow 

Poppy Harlow is a CNN journalist who interviews some of the most powerful people in the world today, as well as those dedicated to making a positive difference in the world.

In this podcast, She invites notable visitors from several professions, including CEOs, millennial female business leaders, renowned businesspeople, actors, tech leaders, and fashion designers. She asks wonderful questions, the interviews have a great cadence, and she has an uncanny ability to captivate me. Amazing stories of inspiration for all creative entrepreneurs. 

4. Design Life 

Design Life is a podcast for motivated artists about design and side projects. It is hosted by two accomplished creatives: Charlie, a marketing designer at ConvertKit as well as a YouTube influencer, and Femke, an Uber designer who blogs on her blog and Medium on a regular basis. 

The podcast is laid-back and has a pleasant conversational tone; it’s as if you’re listening to two cool friends who are also excellent mentors. 

You’ll get wonderful advice on the issues that creatives encounter, such as networking secrets, starting a business, job hunting, and creating creative content, as well as a lot of intriguing design and branding discussions. 

5. The Fizzle Show 

Fizzle is more than a weekly podcast; it’s a whole online community for independent business owners, bloggers, creatives, and artists. They offer a plethora of information (both paid and free) on how to start a successful company and put your ideas into reality.

The show’s dynamism and the real-life difficulties they address (e.g., overcoming fear of appearing on camera, networking suggestions, time management, work/life balance, business tactics, and the finest media and sales platforms) pull you in. The questions, challenges, and themes are frequently sourced from the community, making them incredibly relevant. 

6. The Gold Digger Podcast 

The Gold Digger Podcast is a show about how to stand out in a crowd, start a business from the ground up, and bring ideas to reality while having fun.

Jenna, the host, has such a relatable personality and attitude, as well as a contagious enthusiasm, that it’s difficult to resist the want to go back to work after each episode. It’s energizing, with loads of useful advice on how to develop a brand, operate a business, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Jenna shares her own personal and professional experiences, and she isn’t hesitant to be open about her triumphs, failures, and setbacks. 

7. The Creative Class 

The Creative Class is a freelancer-oriented podcast. The show, hosted by Kaleigh Moore and Paul Jarvis, two creative entrepreneurs, and freelancers, tackles common issues that freelancers face on a daily basis, such as how to network effectively, whether you should work for free, how to organize your life, how to set and negotiate prices, and how to land major clients. The episodes are brief, easy to binge-watch, and always packed with useful and actionable advice. 

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