7 Steps to Take to be Seen as the Expert in your Niche!

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9 May 2022 3 minutes read

“What can I do to establish myself as an expert in my field?” 

This is a great brainteaser.

Fortunately, establishing your credibility and establishing yourself as an expert only requires a little effort, enthusiasm, and perseverance! Here’s how to position yourself as the foremost expert in your field, the one your customers turn to for assistance. 

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Here’s what you need to do! 

1. Connect with your TRIBE. 

Concentrate on becoming the go-to resource in your field – not for everyone, but for a VERY specific type of individual. 

 For example, suppose you’re a mindset coach. Some people will resonate with your mindset perspective, style, and attitude, while others will not. Maybe you have a soft, supporting approach that works beautifully for sensitive people who need someone to help them destroy their limiting beliefs, but it won’t work for someone who just needs “tough love” and a nudge to get them to act. 

2. Show up and help them with their issues 

Don’t just tell everyone what you know! Less really is more. Concentrate on resolving the issues that your tribe is now experiencing. 

Begin by making a list of the issues or queries your consumer has. If you’re stuck, ask your audience to vote in a poll on social media, or go out to people who suit the profile of your target consumers and ask them what they’re struggling with! 

3. Adhere to the 70 Percent Rule

Women, in particular, have a tendency to underestimate their own strengths. Women tend to explore career chances only if they meet all of the job standards, which prevents them from pursuing fantastic prospects (studies show that applicants who are 60 percent qualified are no less likely to get an interview or get hired than applicants who are 90 percent qualified). 

To put it another way, many of us don’t set our sights as high as we could. 

As a result, use this to your content and your company’s visibility! Speak about issues about which you feel 70 percent qualified and prepared. 

You’ll be shocked at how much information you have! 

4. Have a point of view 

Having an opinion is an important component of the expertise puzzle! You must have a distinct point of view and viewpoint that colors everything you do! 

Essentially, you want to express your opinion on the best way to fix your customer’s problem. 

Because there are numerous viewpoints on how they should approach their challenge. You want the one that speaks to your IDEAL client the most. 

5. Be self-assured 

This will take some time and practice, but you want to exude confidence in your own message and content! 

It’s wonderful to have a camera presence, but what matters most is that people perceive your belief in your message and content, as well as your commitment to sharing it with them. 

That’s pure self-assurance! 

6. Develop signature content 

High-value material that retains its relevance over time is referred to be flagship content. 

Consider Mel Robbins’ famous 5-Second Rule. It wouldn’t have pushed her to fame if she had simply introduced the 5-second rule in a blog post. Instead, she turned it into a book. 

Consider the ideas you have and discuss with your audience on a regular basis. You’ll notice an overarching theme and pattern emerge over time. This is a message that must be shared. People should be aware of this concept. 

7. Take use of media possibilities 

This is a more advanced/optional step, but I wanted to make sure you have a comprehensive list! 

Take the next step once you’ve created your flagship piece of content to reach out to new audiences and spread your message. Spread the word about your concept. Show the world what you’re made of! 

Look for guest spots on podcasts, blogs, vlogs, and print outlets. Find outlets that have an audience you’d like to reach because you know your people are there! 


The 7 things are:

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