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29 January 2021 2 minutes read

Unacademy is an online educational platform that is revolutionizing the EduTech sector. The platform signifies their desire to alter the style of education in India. They aim to provide the best content for the kids when it comes to education. Unacademy has evolved to be one of the largest e-learning podiums in the country.

With the huge success of the platform, Unacademy is further motivated to get better with every passing day. Presently, it provides the best content through the finest educators to the students via the digital platform.

Unacademy is the only EduTech giant in India that provides free education to theusers. Like, actually free. However, you do have to sign up and pay for extra classes or the other premium features like tests, study materials etc.

Unacademy helps the students search for the content and educators as per their requirements. The best part is that you can go through the concepts of the same topic with multiple educators on the platform and then choose what suits you the best. At present, there are more than 14 thousand educators and 20 million subscribers on the platform.

case study with data on unacademy
detailed case study on unacademy

Popular Goals Covered by Unacademy

It covers the major exams of the nation including the high school syllabus and that’s a major advantage to the business model of the platform. Unacademy has the Freemium Business model strategy. It means that one may access their core features and YouTube videos for free but have to pay if they want to avail the premium features.

The highlight of this is that one can even sign up with their favorite educators and take lessons from him/her. The educators also hold doubt clearing sessions which is a necessity when it comes to education, especially exams. Students are hugely satisfied with the platform resulting in its consistent growth.

Check out their case study and explore more about them!


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