Favorite apps of entrepreneurs – Top 3

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30 April 2021 2 minutes read

Our phones serve the basic purpose of reaching out and communicating, right? Now apps are the basic tools that turn our phones into productive machines. Now the app store or the play store as we call it, is flooded with various apps. But how do we know which app is best for our utility? So here we are, to straighten things out for you! An entrepreneur’s phone, must echo their beliefs and persona. Don’t you agree? The top utility on an entrepreneur’s phone should be productivity. So let’s talk about the favorite apps of entrepreneurs!

The mighty list of favorite apps of entrepreneurs

See, we do spend a major chunk of our time on phones. As a result, it needs to have productive tools or we will end up wasting our time – a lot of it. Hence do take a look at this list of the top 3 favorite apps for entrepreneurs even when they are relaxing:


Trello helps with smooth coordination and collaboration between team members. How cool is that? It also helps you with task lists o stay updated with your workflow as well as others in the team.


Pocket is a grand tool that shines in the domain of offline reading service. The food TV presenter cum well-established entrepreneurial author, Rebecca Seal also uses the app. She does it to stay updated with the developing world. The app contains diverse blog posts which you will find in an ad free interface.


Udemy is almost everyone’s favorite, come on! With over 1 lakh courses available in 65 different languages, Udemy does nothing but add value to your being. Eren Bali, a very proficient entrepreneur, underlines how impactful Udemy actually is! Its effect on budding startups is massive. Apps and productive tools don’t just increase your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur. It also inspires you to develop a solid professional base to grow on.

Hope you like this list and implement it in some form or the other. If you want to read more of such peppy mini-blogs, find us here!


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