How to Face Your Fears and Start a Business Today!

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11 May 2022 3 minutes read

Have you ever persuaded yourself that before you can “launch,” you need to learn “just one more thing” or correct “that final piece” of your site, package, or business? 

Or maybe you’re putting it off because you’re wondering, “What else could I possibly have to offer?” when you consider what’s currently out there. 

No matter how driven, dedicated, or passionate we are, the fear of not being good enough, or “perfect,” can keep us from sharing our best abilities with the world. As a result, we are prevented from living our best lives. 

But what if the key to those five-figure months (and much, much more) is simply trusting yourself to start today, no matter where you are? 

| Tell yourself that no one is watching

 The majority of people who see your content will only glance at it for a few seconds, just as the majority of people who chat with you will only glance at it for a few seconds. 

 This is more than enough to get a sense of who you are and what you have to give (just like glancing at you for a few seconds is enough to remember how you seem), but it’s not enough to spot those flaws you’ve been obsessing over. 

| Quit overthinking 

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have amazing ideas that you know are brilliant, but you’ll talk yourself out of acting on them because you’ll tell yourself that they’re just plain stupid a few days (or hours) later. 

What’s the answer? Give yourself no opportunity to persuade yourself out of it. Don’t hesitate to act when inspiration hits, and don’t second-guess yourself. 

Give yourself the gift of trusting your instincts by attempting this the next time you have a brilliant idea. I’m confident the results will not disappoint you. 

Remember, you already have everything you need and know how to build the life and business you desire. 

| Make yourself at ease with discomfort

Employees are rewarded in the corporate environment for staying between the lines, getting along with coworkers, and not “rocking the boat.” If you’ve been at the same job with the same employer for a long time, you’re probably very at ease. You’re undoubtedly regarded as an expert who can complete your tasks with your eyes closed. When you are your own employer, though, life may be unpredictable. You must embrace suffering in order to be a successful business owner. 

| Change your perspective 

 The majority of individuals consider fear to be a bad emotion. It’s a perfectly natural reaction, and it’s a good thing since it means you’re pushing yourself and dreaming big. When you’re prepared to begin on something big, fear inevitably appears. The most common fear people have when considering establishing a business is a failure. 

| Be open to new ideas

One method entrepreneurs overcome feelings of dread is to seek knowledge and information, according to a study on the fear of failure in business. Research and networking with mentors and professionals are all part of the process. Fear of failure can be effectively combated by learning. Lifelong learning is embraced by the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs. Bill Gates reads roughly 50 books per year and has taken a two-week reading vacation every year of his career. 

It is possible to transform fear from an enemy to a powerful friend by employing these tactics. The key is to trust in yourself, feed your dreams, and starve your worries. 

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