Startups in India-and the Second wave of COVID 19

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27 April 2021 2 minutes read

With the second wave of COVID 19 gripping the whole of India, investors and entrepreneurs (basically the startups in India) have united to help each other out. The thriving startup network has joined hands to gather resources and funds to tackle the dark time that has dawned upon India. Take a look at how the startups in India are aiding each other and additional companies as well.

ACT Grants

A co-operative program by some of the chief venture capital funds as well as entrepreneurs in India’s startup network. Amazon has collaborated with ACT Grants, Pune Platform and Temasek Foundation, in order to airlift around 8,000 oxygen concentrators. This will also include 500 BiPAP machinery from Singapore.

Give India/Nudge

Google and team are offering Rs 135 crore to GiveIndia as well as UNICEF for medical provisions. They are also helping establishments that are supporting high-risk societies. It doesn’t end here. Google is also providing grants in order tohelp spread acute information related to the pandemic. Valley investor – Mr. Vinod Khosla is directing and delivering grants too. GiveIndia has also asked the various public hospitals as well as NGOs to reach out for help

Zomato Feeding India

Using the Help Save My India initiative, Zomato Feeding India is assisting patients and hospitals. They are offering oxygen as well as other additional supplies through their food delivery service.

Mission Million Air by KVN Foundation

The investor and entrepreneur, Mr. K Ganesh, found KVN Foundation. They have launched the Feed My City program since the last year. It has around 400 assistants, around 50,000 retail donors as well as 60 established donors. They have served more than 58 lakh meals and necessities to the migrant laborers. In partnership with Razor pay and Portea, KVN aspires to deliver oxygen to the poor sections of Bengaluru and Mumbai, totally free of cost.


The international crypto community has united to promptly offer funds from globally distributed locations. The co-founder of Polygon, Mr. Sandeep Naliwal, has formed a crypto address, to work on various supervisory and clerical responsibilities related to the global pandemic.

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