The 7 Best Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneur

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6 September 2022 3 minutes read

Podcasts about entrepreneurship, creativity, and business typically balance inspiration, business, and fun.

These podcasts offer a balance of helpful advice and motivation from and for creatives and businesspeople. No matter if you’re already pursuing your own business aspirations or are still in the planning stage, work as a solopreneur, freelancer, or creative employee, we are confident you’ll appreciate these podcasts if you’d like to advance your creative endeavors.

When you are on the run, turn on one of these podcasts for inspiration and knowledge.

1. The Accidental Creative

One of the most well-known business/creative entrepreneurship podcasts, The Accidental Creative, hosted by Todd Henry, has been airing for ten years.

The subjects, concerns, and insights of this program have something about them that truly connects with most business owners.

It addresses universal concerns like overcoming creative obstacles, managing a heavy workload, and redefining success and failure, as well as highly practical aspects of starting a business and engaging in creative activities like scheduling, productivity, and travel. We can all apply the show’s highly insightful and useful advice to our daily lives.

Best for: resolving practical creative problems and obtaining genuinely useful advice

2. Beyond The To-Do List

This podcast, hosted by Erik Fisher, focuses entirely on the productivity advice of actual business owners and creatives. This podcast is both entertaining and inspirational.

This show is full of motivating people’s individual adventures and tales, achievements, and failures, so tune in if you enjoy learning about other people’s routines, experiences, tips, and techniques for productivity and time management.

This type of interview-focused program’s quality is constantly influenced by the interviewer’s enthusiasm and ability to steer the topic. Erik is excellent at that, and he chooses excellent guests, so the interviews will keep you interested.

Best for : tried-and-true productivity and time management advice, as well as motivational individual stories

3. Boss Files With Poppy Harlow

Poppy Harlow is a CNN journalist that conducts interviews with the most prominent figures in business today as well as individuals who are dedicated to changing the world for the better.

Poppy chooses outstanding guests from a variety of professions, including CEOs, iconic businessmen, actresses, IT pioneers, and fashion designers. She conducts engaging interviews with fantastic questions that consistently captivate me. Awe-inspiring success tales for all creative business owners.

Best for: a strong serving of inspiration

4. Design Life

For ambitious creators, Design Life is a podcast about design and side ventures. Charlie, a marketing designer at ConvertKit and a YouTube star, and Femke, an Uber designer who blogs frequently on her blog and Medium, are the show’s hosts.

The show has a good conversational tone and is really relaxed back; it seems like you are listening to two cool friends who are also fantastic mentors.

You’ll hear a lot of fascinating discussions about design and branding in addition to excellent advice on the difficulties faced by creatives, including how to network, start a business, find a job, and create original material.

Best for : Design-savvy creative business owners seeking useful business and branding advice

5. The Fizzle Show

Fizzle is an online network for independent business owners, bloggers, creatives, and artists in addition to a weekly podcast. They offer a plethora of information on how to build a successful business and put your ideas into practice (both for a fee and for free).

You’ll adore the dynamic of the program and the real-life issues they address (such as overcoming the fear of being on camera, networking advice, time-management strategies, work-life balance, business tactics, and the greatest media and sales platforms). Since the difficulties, questions, and themes frequently originate from the community, they are quite realistic.

Best for: Very useful business and social media advice.

6. The Gold Digger Podcast

How to stand out from the crowd, start a business from scratch, bring ideas to life, and have fun while doing it are all topics covered on the Gold Digger Podcast.

After each episode, it can be difficult to resist the want to return to your business plans because the host, Jenna, has such an endearing, sympathetic personality and attitude. It’s filled with a tonne of excellent advice on how to create a brand, operate a business, and strike a healthy balance in your life. Jenna discusses her own life and career experiences, being open and genuine about her triumphs, setbacks, and struggles.

Best for: Useful brand- and business-building advice and a huge motivation for recharging your batteries

7. The Creative Class

For freelancers, there is a podcast called The Creative Class. The show addresses everyday problems that freelancers face, such as how to network effectively, whether you should work for free, how to organize your life, how to set and negotiate prices, or how to land significant clients.

It is hosted by two creative entrepreneurs and freelancers named Kaleigh Moore and Paul Jarvis. The episodes are often brief, easy to binge watch, and always packed with sound information.

Best for : Independent contractors searching for helpful advice on navigating this lifestyle.

Tap into these stories to learn how others have done it before you. Enjoy!

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