Tips To Stop Researching and Start Doing 

Team TheCodeWork

2 May 2022 3 minutes read

It’s true that researching, reading, learning, and planning is a lot easier than actually doing the work. 

Why is it that so many of us are like this? Why do we spend so much time receiving content, whether it’s from podcasts, YouTube videos, online courses, or Instagram stories, but then feel frozen when it’s time to complete the work? 

These tips will assist you in transitioning from research to action mode. Let’s get started! 

1 | Keep in mind why you’re doing this

There’s a reason you founded your company in the first place and now is the moment to sit down, be silent, and remember what that reason was. 

When things get tough, your why is there to motivate you. 

When you feel like giving up. 

When you’re down and out and don’t think you can go on. 

It’s also why you should do the work instead of researching and planning for it. 

Did you start your company with the intention of having a flexible schedule? 

Is the product you make a source of great delight for you and your customers, and/or does it solve a problem? 

Are there any monetary targets you’d like to meet in order to help a greater cause? 

Determine the rationale for your company’s existence. Make a post-it note of it. Set a timer for every day to remind you. 

This will assist you in moving away from research and toward action. You must take action in order to achieve your objectives. 

2 | Your fact-gathering time should be limited. 

Many of us could research until we hit the internet’s limit. 

That’s all well and good, but if you’re not using the knowledge, it’s not very useful to you. 

Limiting my fact-finding time is a critical step I’ve discovered in how to quit researching and start doing. 

You can limit your time in multiple ways: 

The point is to stick to your guns no matter which road you take. Remember that research is beneficial only up to a degree. 

We want to achieve our objectives, which means we must put in the necessary effort! 

3 | Make yourself a deadline 

A deadline energises me like nothing else! 

You must establish deadlines for yourself to genuinely learn how to quit researching and start doing. 

These deadlines bind you to your business’s original objectives. These dates are important since they are linked to your long-term objectives. 

We’ll occasionally send out announcements to our email list or on social media to keep you guys informed. 

When we’re designing a new product for our shop, we prefer to give ourselves a deadline. It assists us in being motivated and focused while avoiding the trap of perfectionism. 

Motivate yourself in any way you can! 

4 | Make tiny, attainable goals 

It’s difficult to keep motivated when you’ve set enormous ambitions. 

Many of you, I’m sure, have lofty objectives that will take years to accomplish. We say “bravo!” to that! You’re exactly the type of woman we’re looking for. 

However, while setting such lofty goals, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the planning process and never get around to putting them into action. 

Setting tiny, attainable objectives for ourselves has been a game-changer for us. 

Our projects are usually divided into 90-day chunks. This allows us to break down our enormous ambitions into smaller, more manageable goals that appear less intimidating. 

5 | Find someone to hold you accountable. 

Getting an accountability partner is the final step in stopping researching and starting doing. Being held accountable to someone else is the finest motivator. Hello, this is the reason for the existence of the entire coaching and personal training profession! 

Having an accountability partner can assist you in staying accountable not only to others but also to yourself. 

Remember, no one is forcing you to achieve these objectives. These are the objectives you establish for yourself. 

You wish to see these objectives realized. Your accountability partner is only there to help you succeed! 

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