Top 3 easiest programming languages to learn 2021

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5 March 2021 2 minutes read

These days, the demand for developers and programmers is surreal. With the huge risein demand for programming, you may be interested to take a dip in this field and perhaps build a career out of it.

But hold on! Do you have any idea what to learn and which one of these languages will be effective? If you are a beginner, then I am guessing, no! Let me tell you, there are around 700 programming languages in the world, according to Wikipedia. Some claim the number to be higher. However, 700 isn’t a small patch. So what should you start with?

Let’s check out the top 3 easiest possible programming languages to learn , if you happen to be a beginner. Shall we? Here!


Python happens to be the most widely used programming language as of now. What takes it to the top of this list is that beginners find it easy to learn and practice due to its readability. 3D animation as well as 2D imaging packages, for example Inkscape, Blender, Autodesk etc., all used Python.

Skills needed – Abstract thinking and problem-solving.


PHP happens to be an open-source programming language and is widely used inweb based applications. Most of the sites on the internet use PHP including Yahoo and Facebook! PHP is majorly used to write server-side scripts of applications.

Skills needed – basic knowledge of programming languages.


JavaScript makes it to this list because it is hugely beginner-friendly and is said to be made for non-programmers. It is widely used for Frontend development. With JavaScript, you can solve the trickiest problems on the web using libraries like jQuery and React. JavaScript is particularly helpful for new coders owing to the large community built around it.

Skills needed – Basic knowledge of HTML, React & Redux, jQuery.

You can learn these languages for free on W3School, Coursera, Code Academy, Khan Academy, etc. And if you have a brilliant idea and you do not want to get into the intricates of learning a whole new language for it and want to build up your own product at a cheap and quick rate, you may try our MVP program and we will happy to help you.

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