Top 6 steps to create a Startup Budget

Team TheCodeWork

19 October 2021 < 1 minutes read

Planning a budget for your startup business is a complex process for sure. Startups require a lot of effort to stay afloat and make a mark in the standard industry and budget plays a significant role in that, don’t you think? 

We at TheCodeWork are a group of startup enthusiasts who work with early and growth-stage startups to change their ideas to reality. So here we are with the top 6 ways in which you can set up your startup budget:

  1. Set a financial goal (obviously).
  2. List all your sources of income.
  3. Classify the expenses into segregated revenue buckets.
  4. Manage variable expenses and costs.
  5. Accommodate Taxes and interests.
  6. Formulate estimates for economic records.

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Team TheCodeWork

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