Top 7 MVP Related Startups and Business Ideas for 2021

Team TheCodeWork

24 December 2020 2 minutes read

MVP for start-ups has become the primary stage of success, these days! So why not have a look at the best MVP related startup ideas for the year 2021?

Here we go!


As we know, this is an era of digital prominence. Every operational enterprise and business, need to be on the web, to grow and expand. Right? 

So what is the first thing that comes to mind, when talking about social media? Photographs, right?

Also, it is not a big deal to start photography these days, given our high-quality cameras on phones and various editing apps. All you need is the aesthetic sense and the will to pursue this field.

Personality Development

With budding startups in the market, it has become really important to stand out to be noticed. Right? What better than an engaging personality?

A personality that is equipped with good communication skills, knowledge, and experience, is the way to go!

So why not try building a site that helps people brush up on these skills and groom themselves up?

Renewable Energy

We all know how technologically advanced we have become and it’s growing every day. Isn’t it? Now there’s a downside to this scenario. And that’s the environment.

We are disrupting and exploiting nature in the worst ways possible, to get a luxurious present. However, we are experiencing the negative impact of it already! Talk about global warming, huh?

So, in this situation, the go-green initiative is a great outlook to come up with for your business.

Healthy Food Outlet

This is a fast age and no kidding, we all love fast food! After all, we are what we eat, right?

However, the regular intake of junk food is leading to serious health issues, especially obesity.

In this situation, people do appreciate and consume the availability of healthy food now and then.  We love eating outside. So why not open up healthy food outlets and be a savior?

Waste Management

Just talked about the environment, so here is the next part! What to do with all the waste that we are creating in the name of advancement? Well, we manage them.

Trust me, waste management will become one of the most profitable businesses in the years to come. Also, it is quite obvious.

3D printing

This may sound too advanced, but it the need of the hour! With all the startups in the market, prototypes are a standard result of a lot of projects. 

That’s where we can use 3D printers to make a product exactly like the prototype instead of presenting it in digital format all the time.

Shared Workspace

We are talking about startups here, right? Now startups usually begin with a small team, growing into a vast unit. So the workspace that they use, doesn’t need to be enormous. 

Getting my point?

Then why not give a part of that workspace on rent to some other similar enterprise? It works!

And hey! Talking of businesses and startups, if you happen to be a new one in the market, and in need to build an MVP, then do get in touch with us at TheCodeWork. We would love to help you turn your business ideas into action with the services that we offer.


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