What is Pegasus? Can you save yourself?

Team TheCodeWork

26 July 2021 < 1 minutes read

As per reports, the new malicious utility by the name of Pegasus is haunting the privacy of internet users. Yes, yet again! This was created by the NSO group of Israel to spy on residents who belong to other countries. Aimed to be used by intelligence services and secret agencies, Pegasus is seen to attack normal users as well.

Pegasus is pretty dangerous as it can tap private conversations, check out photos/videos on your smartphone, and even scan your correspondence. The most used antiviruses are yet to understand the operation of Pegasus.

Amnesty International (the Human Rights Organization), has come up with MVT to identify the malware in your system. MVT stands for Mobile Verification Toolkit. In addition to that, the source code of the same is easily available on GitHub.

It’s great that we know at least something about this malware. Imagine, how much other such malware is haunting the internet and we hardly know anything about them!

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