Writing computer code – The AI way

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26 April 2021 2 minutes read

It usually takes years for people to learn how to code. Coming to rescue us on this front, is a Paris startup – SourceAI. They say that it shouldn’t be such a big deal. So what are they going to do? They are coming up with a new way of writing computer code. The company is making a tool that will use artificial intelligence to write computer code. You just need to enter a tiny text to describe the utility and intent.

Once you do that, the tool will script down a computer code for you to work on. Let me give you an example: Tell the SourceAI tool to “add two numbers provided by an operator”. It will write few lines of Python code for that operation. How cool is that? SourceAI’s goals are a sign of inclusive revolution in the world of software development.

Computer code – the AI way

Developments in machine learning have enabled it to automate a developing array of code and tasks. All this, from auto-completing parts of code and modifying algorithms. It doesn’t end here. The activities also include examining source code in addition to locating troublesome bugs.Do you realize that Automating coding can change the whole world of software development?

However as usual, there are some limitations here as well. These include the boundaries and blind spots of the current AI in use. Why, you ask? See this may only host new problems. What I mean is, Machine-learning algorithms do behave randomly at times.

Correspondingly, the code that a machine creates, has the potential to harbor damaging bugs as well. As a result, this demands careful scrutinization! It is still huge anticipation to see the efficiency of SourceAI’s tool. “Students will use it to do their homework quickly,” says the founder, Bektes.

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