Bright Edutech

Assam’s largest e-learning platform in regional language. Note: Got selected for Assam Startup Incubation ‘22.




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Bright EduTech, an e-learning start-up from Assam, India, is building a digital educational infrastructure especially for the students of tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This also includes the rural regions in India. 

The services are being provided through mobile application in the regional language. A user can learn and understand with the help of the pre-recorded video lessons or from the notes of the lessons being provided. 

Product Approach

We started building the product right from the MVP phase. 

The founder Debjayoti Paul reached out to us during the ideation phase and he almost immediately found the MVP approach relatable to the stage he was at. 

After a few rounds of brainstorming sessions, we came to the conclusion of keeping it simple and solid. At present the market is booming with edtech tools that have very complex yet adaptable features. 

However, the founders of Bright Edutech, stuck with a simple notion of giving pre-recorded lessons in the regional languages. That too at much lower pricing than their domestic competitors.

We started off by identifying the devices but later moved into sessions for handling the account limitations. 

Technical Approach

We started Bright Edutech by,

Our main challenges technically involved transcoding the large content into multiple chunks and then serving it smoothly without buffering from any point of the video. 

Even though a lot of services are available which does the above, keeping the pricing minimum led us to customizing the solution for our clients.  

Development Approach

The development approach for the project was to get the mockups and designs prepared by our team. 

Current State

Our clients had a successful MVP phase where they released and got multiple feedbacks, more than 1200 registrations and more than 250 subscriptions within the first few months. 

However with Covid-19 in place their marketing got a little on the back foot. nevertheless, they jumped right back to it with a strong internal team who focused on getting more traction every single day which eventually landed them to get into Assam Startup Incubation ‘22

We continue to work with them on their further development and the next phases which is going to be around scaling the product. 


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