Swap and track your shifts. Find up-to-date rosters and term dates. Manage your workload all in one spot.




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DocSwap is a hospital shift management platform from Citadel Meditech Pty. Ltd., Australia. 

Product Approach

We started building the product right from the Idea stage. The founders had their research and surveys in place which was evident enough to create a feature rich product for a single Hospital. 

It is aimed to help them manage and maintain a timeline to take in preferences, create schedules, manage the relief pool, handle the shift in assistance. 

All this, with an algorithm that helps take in all factors including the preference from the practitioners to assign them shifts according to or closest possible to their choices. 

Technical Approach

Our primary challenges include optimizing the algorithm that helped with the allocation. Bringing accuracy and getting the best for all candidates was a priority in deciding the reliability of the project.  

Development Approach

Current State

Our clients had a successful release. 

It got delayed with a few changes from the original timeline and scope but they were able to release it to the internal teams in their hospital. 

They are currently in the testing phase within their chain of hospitals and plan to take the product to the market by having the feedback from their team and iterating to suit the existing market. 

We are currently supporting the project for minor improvements and taking cognisance of all the feedback from their team which can further improve the product. 


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