Project Details

EventsDF is a platform which brings across all the tech events including offline events, webinars and conferences collectively into a single platform. The idea of the platform is to curate large chunks of data of tech events happening all around the world into a presentable way and personalize it for every user with their interest levels and skills.


We took the project at its MVP stage and started building it from the skeleton done by the client. The main challenges faced during its development were mostly technical. In the MVP phase, due to time constraint and other business decisions, we decided to opt for SQL full-text search and decided to bring a dedicated search engine in the next iteration of the product. Performance of the website with such large data and the aesthetics on the frontend were also challenging for us.


We overcame the search issues by utilizing a lot of features from MySQL. It was customized in such a way to match relevant queries. We’ve used Python 3.x along with Django and Django Rest Framework for the backend and the querysets before actually hitting the DB helped speeding up the performance of the website. As for the frontend we took iterative methods to compare results on the aesthetics of the website. The UI/UX was always kept in mind while performing the iterations.

Design Philosophy Used

While starting the project, the client provided us with a sample mockup for a few of the pages. We’ve built the product around that. The UI/UX chosen for the project were very clean and simple with an eye-catching and powerful color scheme to attract more serious and dynamic users and keep their attention focused within the sections of each part. A lot of card view was used while developing the pages of the website. We have also used a part of the golden ratio in the search page as a design spectrum to make use of the space more intuitive.

Technical Approach

As mentioned earlier, we started building the product from the skeleton project created by the client with Python 3.6 along with Django and Django Rest Framework for APIs and built the frontend out of HTML, CSS, and VueJS. We took a great deal of effort in building the full-text search comprising of multiple columns and personalize it for users for their recommendations. Both the frontend and the backend were segregated for each environment so that the development to testing to deployment goes smoothly. There were a lot of close CTAs involved in each page and handling them carefully was a key thing in the development. We have also used celery to put forth a few tasks asynchronously. We have used social logins from Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook in the product and have also used google’s Re-Captcha in the form submission of the feedback to avoid getting spam submissions.

Currently Standing

Currently, we have deployed the phase 2 of the product and we are in talks with the client for the next phase. The client has rolled out the MVP and measuring the responses and accordingly he might iterate the product essentials.