Project Details

Eyenbros is an online/offline community based marketplace. Within the product, users get to discuss about any idea or other stories in the forum section personalised specifically for the user. All projects/tasks arising out of the saga of the discussion or organically, can be executed from the wide range of experts available within the platform. It also has a unique feature of collecting funds within a community/group to execute those projects.


The owner of the product contacted us at certain stage when he had the skeleton of the project from an open source project and wanted us to continue it further. The challenges we faced while developing this platform were manyfold. In terms of product clarity, components were vaguely done before we received it. And technically, the open source project used for the skeleton was inactive and naturally a lot of its dependencies were out of date and without support.


Once we started working on the project, we sorted a structured plan and made certain sprints for the project. The project got divided mainly into two segments: Non-Business & Business sections. All idea discussions, the forums & the groups around it constituted the Non-Business end and all project related activity from publishing to collecting funds to getting done with the project went to the Business end naturally. The project took around a time of 3.5 months with a total of 7 sprints each carrying a 10 - 11 days of time. We went ahead with a solution to build on top of the skeleton and made a product with mixed technical architecture.

Design Philosophy Used

In the early stage we went ahead with the basic design using bootstrap & material design. The UI/UX was an important part of the project and placement of each components are designed with objective of the project in mind. We took a great deal of effort to make sure the user behaviour on interaction with most popular elements like comments, flags and post task(project) creation activity stays regular and supports a convention for the ease of access and usage. In the current development stage we have conformed to the Semantic UI design and continuing it further.

Technical Approach

We overtook the project from a skeleton built in django. The initial project had the stack of Python 2.7, Postgresql & BackboneJS with django html template rendering in most places. We converted it to support python 3.x and built the new features with Django Rest API & VueJS. In the current phase we are completely changing it to support only API & working in the frontend with the javascript library of VueJS. In terms of 3rd party integration, we’ve worked on Paypal & Stripe payment integration for the payment gateway in the project. We’ve also used celery to integrate asynchronous tasks involved in the project.

Currently Standing

Our client continued with the development of phase3 of the project and currently we are building many more features. We also have brainstorming sessions on new ideas around the project which brings in more clarity, opportunity & vision to their project.