QR Feedback

A QR based tool that makes it easy for companies to collect feedback.


Consumer Feedback 


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QRFeedback is an MVP project from Sofa Networks GmbH from Germany to create an easy to capture feedback for businesses. 

The scope of the MVP was to build a feedback form for the consumers and create a dashboard for the admin to create QRFeedback stickers in bulk for businesses. 

The product revolved around creating physical stickers by the admin and sending them across for different businesses or creating unregistered stickers for businesses to buy and try from any storefront. 

The product was also made in German as their initial customers belonged from there. 

Product Approach

We started building the product right from the Idea stage. 

The client approached us with the need for an MVP solution. After much deliberation, the features approved by the clients were started for development. 

In true essence, the client distributed the MVP into 3 phases. 

Each phase are mentioned below:

The product is built with FullStack Development with a new set of features designed to cater to the need of the market. 

Technical Approach

We built QRFeedback webapp with,

Our primary challenges included building the QRCodes in certain sizes and maintaining the pixelation in order.

Development Approach

Current State

Our clients had a successful release and are currently taking active feedback from their prospective clients. 

We are currently supporting Phase1 and Phase 2 for the product and working on Phase 3 to bring about all the iterations as advised and felt by the client in the previous phases. 


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