An Android app to render 3D-Models of furniture in real-time view.

Project Details: 

Furniture AR is an eCommerce app in which users can view furniture as a 3D Model, decide if it suits and fits their place, and shop more precisely. Users can figure out if the shape of furniture and its color is suitable for them. 

The ideation behind the app is very simple:

AR Furniture is another example of a home improvement and furniture store. Using this app, people can see 3D images of furniture in their actual homes. Users can place the selected product on the floor or table. You can move models around and resize them.

Product Approach :

The initial step was to identify the framework to render models. We started developing the project from scratch using the MVP approach. The mind behind this idea is our innovation team. 

The approach is simply placing the product in the real world using an AR view of the AR core library and Sceneform UX.

Technical Approach:

We started developing Furniture AR  app by 

Our main challenge was to finalize the framework for development as the market offers various options. We researched and tried POCs for different frameworks.

We found ar-core and sceneform-ux as optimal solutions to use in Kotlin.

Development Approach:

The development approach for the project was to get the models in the required format and render them in their original dimensions.

Current State

Currently, The Furniture AR app is available in the Play Store and our developers and innovation team is working on the next stage of the app so we can restructure the way of shopping furniture. We are also partnering with startups to build their products on top of the concept of AR to make their own line of products.


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