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Modernize, automate, and scale product engineering with DevOps at TheCodeWork. We offer extensive DevOps professional services to use for any application – from consumer-facing systems to large enterprise-scale products.

Kickstart your transition to DevOps, with TheCodeWork. We do a thorough analysis of your requirement and assist you in visualizing the results. Glide through the entire DevOps process with best practices, and the latest tech stack, thus enabling your business to achieve improved frequency & reliability of software releases.

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Benefits of DevOps

DevOPs is beneficial for your business in the following ways:

  • Faster, better product delivery.

  • Greater automation.

  • Better resource utilization.

  • Enhanced visibility into system outcomes.

  • Greater scalability and availability.

  • Faster issue resolution and reduced complexity.

TechStack involved

The platforms involved in automating e-commerce services, are:

Digital Ocean
Microsoft Azure

Industries it will serve

Frequently Asked Questions

We use platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean, Microsfot Azure with CI/CD integrations with Github, Gitlab, etc.
DevOps team is setup to implement faster delivery and deployment pipelines, setup an architecture that best describes the business objectives.
We have a team of DevOps who have worked extensively on multiple services of AWS and other platforms. Some of the common usecases are to setup CI/CD pipelines for deployment strategy, setting up a VPC and an integrated server solutions, setting up an environment for a microservice architecture.
CI/CD pipelines makes the deployment process much faster and safer. Apart from the obvious advantage, it isolates any impact a new build may cause, reduce downtime for deployments, improves testing and majorly improves the development strategy.
Every project has its own set of complexity and thus the timeline is kept keeping in mind the team size required and the services required for the project. The cost is driven by the timeline and the size of the team. Besides, DevOps service can be a recurring service where a team can be setup for you to handle your specific business needs on a monthly billing.