Data Warehouse with Dashboard/ETL

Data warehouse (DWH) services include implementation, advisory, migration, support, and managed services to enable companies to benefit from a high-performing DWH. TheCodeWork helps you consolidate data in an efficient DWH solution and enable company-wide analytics and reporting.

Build a DWH suited to your specific data consolidation and storage needs with TheCodeWork, and implement it into your ecosystem.

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Benefits of Dashboard

Some of the major benefits of Data warehouse (DWH) services include:

  • Performance measurement

  • Data transparency and accessibility

  • Agility

  • Forecasting

  • Big Time Savings

  • Improved Results

TechStack involved:

The technologies involved in our Data warehouse (DWH) services, include:

Amazon Redshift
Custom Dashboard Development

Industries it will serve

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Warehouse is a database designed from extracting all datapoints that your business uses while interacting with multiple tools and platforms. It gives you an added benefit of knowing your customer well and tweak your business with a collective understanding. This data can then be used in a dashboard to give you a concise view of your organization data.
We use technologies like Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, etc. to implement a Data Warehouse for an organization. Dashboards are built with custom development as per the need of the organization.
Yes, many analytics companies are utilizing the power of Data Warehousing to determine important business logic.
As the name suggests, ETL stands for Extract, Transform, and Load. During the Extract phase, all data are sourced from different platforms. It then goes through different transitions during the Transform phase and eventually goes on to Load all data and showcase it over a dashboard.
Every project has its own set of complexity and thus the timeline is kept keeping in mind the team size required and the features of the project. The cost is driven by the timeline and the size of the team.