5 Reasons Why Startups Succeed!

Team TheCodeWork

12 May 2022 < 1 minute read

What exactly is in the secret sauce, and what are the main reasons why startups succeed?

The variables and percentages behind startup success are summarised below. The information comes from Bill Gross of Idealab’s great Ted Talk. During the talk, he goes over the elements that influence why startups succeed and how he has observed them in hundreds of businesses.


Things may take off quickly and spontaneously if you crack the code. Due to Right time, 48 percent of startups succeed.


A fantastic team makes up 32 percent of successful startups. Everything else is secondary to a team that is smart, tough, enthusiastic, and eager to grow.


Work on something distinctive that has the potential to stand out. Because of their outstanding idea, 28 percent of all successful firms have succeeded.


People must find enough value in your service or product to be willing to pay for it. A great business model accounts for 24% of successful businesses.


Capital is required to help your company expand. 14 percent of startups prosper due to adequate finance.

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If you are a startup in need of a  tech team, please contact us at TheCodeWork. We’re here to help!


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