Starting a business – Step by step!

Team TheCodeWork

6 January 2022 < 1 minute read

Startups require a lot of effort and an excellent team to become successful. We at Thecodework, help startups build their MVP for that very reason.

To give you a brief on MVP, It’s the process in which, you basically zoom in on the core features of your product and build a product around it. You launch it in the market and test the idea with early adopters. 

With the feedback, you keep adding to the product (iteration). In this way, you navigate towards your product-market-fit, when it is already making profits for you. The idea behind this is to reduce the wastage of limited resources like time and money which is crucial for any early-stage startup.

Startups reach out to us ( in the idea stage and then we have a brainstorming session with them, help them finalize the core features, and build the MVP for them. A lot of startups have started with us in their idea phase, explored our MVP program, and continued with us till the full product development.


Team TheCodeWork

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