Top 5 LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs – You don’t want to miss this

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7 June 2021 2 minutes read

Check out these business tycoons of the LGBTQ+ community. They really did strike gold, don’t you think? Here’s an ode to the philanthropic individuals who have stood up for themselves and influenced many more to do so.

  1. Tim Cook (CEO – Apple)
Tim Cook (CEO - Apple)

Being this great an individual, when he came out in 2013, he influenced dozens of queer individuals to do the same and set themselves free.

2. Peter Thiel (CEO – PayPal)

Peter Thiel (CEO - PayPal)

Being a successful hedge fund manager as well as a profound venture capitalist, influenced millions when he came out. He is also known for contributing to various queer foundations and support causes.

3. Alan Joyce (CEO – Qantas)

 Alan Joyce (CEO - Qantas)

Joyce is the CEO of the Australian airlines, Qantas. He has always lived life on his own terms. He has always been very open about his sexuality and been donating to campaigns supporting same-sex relationships.

4. Chris Hughes (Chief of the The New Republic)

Chris Hughes (Chief of the The New Republic)

Hughes is the co-founder of Facebook if you didn’t know. He left Facebook in the year 2007 and got involved with social issues and activism. And yes, he’s queer!

5. Martine Rothblatt (CEO : United Therapeutics Corporation)

Martine Rothblatt (CEO : United Therapeutics Corporation)

Guess who’s the highest-paid CEO in the sector of bio-pharmacy? Yes, that’s her! A very prominent advocate of transgender rights, she came out in the year 1994. At present, she’s dominating the business that she is in, and happily married to her partner with 4 children.

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