Web Development

TheCodeWork helps businesses build as well as restructure secure & scalable web applications, portals, and solutions. We deliver end-to-end web development services, built exclusively to solve your unique business challenges - be it in your scaling operations or revamping the entire website.

Our extensive web development approach assures responsive websites that engage your existing & potential customers in a significant way. We provide top-notch web development solutions to assist you to explore the true potential of the digital presence of your venture.

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Benefits of Web Development

Some of the major benefits of having a website for your business include:

  • Wider Demographic Reach.

  • Business Credibility.

  • Around-The-Clock Availability.

  • Build Customer Base.

  • Targeted Marketing.

  • Increased Sales.

TechStack involved

The tech stack involved in our web development process, include:

Django (Python)
Laravel (PHP)
Node.js (Javascript)
Custom Javascript
Tailwind CSS

Industries it will serve

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can build a website from scratch. If you have the mock up designs we can create both static and dynamic websites. If you do not have the designs, we also have a team of designers who can create responsive designs for your project.
Every project has its own set of complexity and thus the timeline is kept keeping in mind the team size required and the features of the project. The cost is driven by the timeline and the size of the team.
Maintainance and upgrades are essential for any webiste to keep up with the user needs. We provide 1 month of free maintainance after release and have a very affordable maintainance packages which 1.67% - 2.08% per month of the project cost.
If you need hosting service, we have a team of DevOps who can deploy your website to any cloud based server and set it up to any domain maintaing the DNS with Amazon Route53 or any other DNS management platform.
There are many marketing strategies needed to add online distribution for your business apart from a website presence. Your kiosk can be the best place to collect user data to reach out to them online. Having a website to land, enquire and shop would give them an additional benefit.