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Owing to the coronavirus outbreak in China which has now spread to every corner of the world, a stage of working from home is getting progressively unavoidable for numerous businesses. For some employees, this concept is totally new and as a result dreadful. They fear technical faults which may hamper their work image. The perks of it, include Ultimate flexibility, patent independence in addition to saving a lot of time that is usually lost in traffic each day. However, working from home requires proper training and a noteworthy extent of self-awareness, focus, and discipline.

Mistakes to avoid while working from home

The following are the common mistakes that need to be avoided while working from home:

Not having a dress code

Employees are proven to accomplish everyday tasks much better whenever they are following the dress code of the respective profession that they are in it has a symbolic sense which aids them to relate more with the working environment and hence behave more professionally. Moreover, dressed in sweatpants and pajamas hamper the psyche of the staff and leads to a laid back attitude.

Bad posture

Having a labeled workspace separated from the other part of the household is imperative for long-lasting work from home schedules. It is nice if you can perform in the same manner from any part of the house because that is unique. People end up in their beds and couches with the laptops and this gives the body a laid back attitude which further gets reflected in the work. Hampering performance and ruining your professional image.

Loud background

It is easy for you to work from home with the background domestic noises that you are probably used to. However, you should understand that it may not be suitable for the work culture for the reason that while you may be used to it, but your colleagues and the people over the video calls or voice calls, surely will have a problem with leading to bad professional conduct, hampering performance and ruining your professional image.

10 things to avoid while working from home by TheCodeWork
Rigid Schedule

One of the key benefits of working from home is the flexibility of the schedule. Do not get hooked on a rigid schedule as it may get tiresome and monotonous after a point. Provided that you can attain your objectives on a day-to-day basis, you may not worry about maintaining a rigid schedule.

Careless about data security

A corporation is accountable for the safety of the company’s data which is taken care of when employees work from the office. But once you start working from home it becomes your responsibility. Hence you should take precautions to defend as well as back up the company’s data. This is particularly significant if you hold delicate client data. You should try and encrypt the data, as the router and Wi-Fi are not secure enough.

Not being organized

While working from home you may be stuck with a lot of paperwork that needs to be organized so as to avoid a mess. Suppose you note down something on a paper during an important meeting and then lose or misplace it, which will be such a juvenile and irresponsible act and thus, must be avoided at all costs.

Not creating structure and boundaries

It is normal to get diverted by private pieces of stuff when you are assigned to working from home, as you will be closer to the people who are not related to your work life. As a result, you require a structure or a steady schedule to avert distractions from disrupting your workflow. For this, create a day-to-day bucket list. It must contain very detailed, quantifiable and attainable jobs.


This is perhaps the most stimulating consequence you will face while working from home. Working from home makes you continue with the schedule as you don’t have the worry of returning home or it getting late and so on. This is not about following the clock from time to time, but about understanding when you have finished the goal of a particular day and when it is required to call it a night. Overworking only leads to stress which will ruin your appetite for work in the long run.

Going dark

Even the most experienced people while working from home, have a tendency to over-communicate. It is imperative to make sure that everyone has a say in the discussion about the project they are working on. Everyone needs to express their thoughts and opinions, which further confirms that no detail gets lost in a group discussion and that not a single person feels abandoned.

Neglecting Health

Research suggests that sitting in the same position for a long time results in severe health problems. We don’t usually worry about while working in the office as there are frequent breaks in the schedule like a tea break, etc. This is not available while working from home and you may end up holding a posture for long. However, the study has suggested that sitting for less than 30 minutes, holding a single posture doesn’t impair health to that extent. So try to change posture every 30 minutes as a part of self-care.


With a mass scale shift to working from home to combat the fight against the coronavirus ailment, it is significant not to overlook rudimentary work protocols which include attending your respective workplace, virtually, every day. Working from home requires self-discipline as well as accountability. You cannot afford to be careless regarding your work or do something that humiliates your brand. This article will give you an insight into avoiding such mistakes and upholding your work profile in the best way possible while working from home. Amid the outbreak of a global pandemic, TheCodeWork has been suggesting methods to generate sustained value for the business’s flexible remote staff. Contact us today, to discover more about the remote staff.

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