12 Most Effective Free Tools for Digital Marketing

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19 August 2020 7 minutes read
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The internet delivers a dozen of free digital marketing tools for the business platforms to make a prominent digital presence. Now the problem with this many free tools at your disposal privacy becomes a serious concern.

These free tools-ask a lot of personal information before letting you use them. With so many great software at zero investment, it is easy to fall into the trap. Once you share your personal information, you are open to receiving hordes of aggressive sales content as well as spam mails.

Way out? Well, we have enlisted the best of the free digital marketing tools that are available on the internet, for you. These encompass all the online strategies of digital marketing. Take a look!

The best of the free tools

Proofreading and plagiarism checker — Grammarly

grammarly software to correct grammar

Grammarly is a blessing in disguise! It helps sort out a lot of issues that pop up while writing content.

The tool’s user interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate through.

Grammarly provides spell checks, grammar corrections, and sorts typing errors as well. Moreover, it helps to shorten long sentences and come up with a precise form.

Grammarly also provides proofreading of the content and suggests the needed changes.

This Grammarly tool has the following features:


Royalty-free images – Unsplash

unsplash software for free photos

You get your hands on the robust gallery of around 300,000 stunning, high-resolution pictures with Unsplash. It is a full royalty-free image website, with over400,000 contributors.

Unsplash delivers top-notch quality images, with fresh stock. Their images are mostly unique and can’t be found on other sites! In addition to that, thousands of fresh stock are added to it daily.

Once you enter the keywords of the images that you want, you will be offered a huge collection of high-resolution images. Try it out! The features include:


Visual content creation tool – Pixlr

pixlr software showing image editing

If you are confused about making the best creatives, then we have a tool for you! Pixlr!

Pixlr makes it easy to make beautiful creatives by attaching photos and texts. Moreover, it also contains some fun filters.

Pixlr is a convenient, free of cost, visual content design tool. Some of its core features include:

Compress images online – TinyPNG

tinyjpg reducing picture size

While you publish blogs, one of the major challenges is to keep the size optimum. The images that you use as the banner and inside story, require to be high-resolution images.

So what is the problem here? Well, high-resolution images are usually huge sized files. Compressing them is the only way out. Now, with compressing images, arises the problem of losing the quality of the image. Way out?TinyPNG.

TinyPNG makes use of smooth lossy compression methods to decrease the size of your quality images. It works by reducing the color balance of the images. Asa result, lesser bytes are needed to frame the file into a usable form. The result is almost invisible yet it does your work. Some features of TinyPNG include:


Monitoring website performance — Smylelytics

smylelytics online software to check website performance

Keeping a check on the website traffic is a monotonous and hectic task. It includes the examination of performance displays to understand the interaction between your customer and your website. With this record of performance statistics, you may optimize your website to attain your digital goals.

The Smylelytics is a very user-friendly tool that guides you with a bi-monthly statement of the traffic on your website. This makes the process hustle-free and efficient.

Get rid of regularly checking Google Analytics to understand your website’s online performance. Smylelytics comprises the following features:


Customer relationship management — HubSpot CRM

hubspot CRM login screen

Customer relationship management or CRM assists your customer relation and management strategies.  Right from sales development to data organization, the CRM tool helps you with the customer management process.

In addition to these, CRM tools also help you manage professional contacts, workers, customers, leads, and so on.

The features of the HubSpot CRM tool, are as follows:


Keywords research for content —Answer the Public

answer the public showing keyword universe

Organic, unpaid, rankings in the search engines is a significant part of gaining website traffic. Blogs are the key sources that help to achieve that website traffic.

Thereby, to achieve this goal effectively, you have to feed the customers what they want. Subsequently, Answer the Public is a vibrant tool to serve this purpose. It helps in efficient topic research and analysis based on the target market.

So all that you need to do for the best topic research is, type in keywords and wait for the tool to suggest. The suggestion is based on the niche market and target customers.

The features of this tool are as follows:


Email marketing/ email promotion – MailChimp

mailchimp emailing scheduling tool

Email marketing delivers the maximum return on investment compared to other digital marketing strategies. This is because getting access to the email Ids of clients is not that complex.

MailChimp is an extremely efficient mail marketing tool. Additionally, it comes free of cost.  Some of its vital features include:


Local search listing organization — Moz Local

moz landing page

Moz Local is the best digital marketing tool to help entrepreneurs increase their digital competition in their niche market.

It helps you to get acute statistical insights on the digital presence of your business. It also helps you to track duplicate listings of your site. In addition to that, you can get a preview of how your business looks on the website and make amendments if required.

The core features of Moz local are as follows:

Social media marketing —Hootsuite

hootsuite platform

Social media is the most important platform to promote any business or organization. Consequently, it consumes a lot of time to brainstorm the designs and contents to post on these platforms.

Hootsuite is free of cost, a tool that helps you deal with the problems that you face in making regular social media posts. It guides you through the layout of various platforms, so that you may effortlessly navigate the dashboard.

The core features of Hootsuite are as follows:


File storage and co-operation — G Suite

all apps in G suite

G Suite is a cloud-based platform. It comprises simple, proficient productivity tools to get work done.

It consists of simple, hustle-free features needed to operate to deliver efficient performance.

The core features of G Suite include:


Project administration and teamwork —Trello

trello sign up page picture

Project management is one of the most important aspects of working as a team. You need to set the deadlines and work towards it, together as a team. Earlier, project management was mostly conducted over Emails. However, this platform did not fulfill the dynamic requirement of project management and teamwork.

To begin with, Trello is the most efficient and free of cost digital marketing tool available in the market. It helps in smooth project administration and teamwork.

Some of its vital features are as follows:



In conclusion, these are the best free of cost digital marketing tools, that you can make use of, to enhance your digital presence.

The most important thing about the enlisted tools is that they are safe, authoritative, and free to use. To all the entrepreneurs out there, these are the magic tools to take your business to the next level of promotion and marketing.

These business productivities and digital marketing tools have been designed to make the process of task management easier. This helps you to operate more professionally. It also brings profit to your business platform. This helps evaluate the worth of time and get the tasks sorted in a decent manner.

Hopefully, this has been helpful. If you happen to be new in this platform and can’t follow the flow of these tools, then feel free to get in touch with us, at TheCodeWork

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