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With the world getting more accustomed to digital space, mobile usage has spiked the charts. You agree with me, don’t you? In the same context, this dependency on technology has given rise to budding entrepreneurs who are coming up with fresh innovative ideas. As a result, the entire process of building an app has become

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Who is he? Who is Steve Jobs and why are we here to talk about him? Well, I am sure everyone knows about him already. But have you ever wondered what qualities of his you can absorb and retain to find success for yourself? Bingo! That’s exactly why we are here today! Recently I watched

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NO! We are NOT going to talk about a list of successful LGBTQ+ business tycoons here. A lot of that information is already there on the internet. We are here to address the future of the LGBTQ+ community in tech and how it’s gradually evolving in the right direction. Read up! June is the month

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Hey there! Are you sitting at your work desk right now and daydreaming about your “own” big business? Congratulations! You are at the right spot here. This blog is definitely for you to help you start your own business. It’s funny how our dreams and ambitions change with time. During the final year of college,

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Brand identity involves the features that differentiate the products of one vender from that of others. That feature may be a designation, a keyword, a design, flair, codes, customer base, niche market or anything. When put together, these features of the brand function as a mental trigger or impetus that makes a link that connects

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