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With the world getting more accustomed to digital space, mobile usage has spiked the charts. You agree with me, don’t you? In the same context, this dependency on technology has given rise to budding entrepreneurs who are coming up with fresh innovative ideas. As a result, the entire process of building an app has become the need of the hour, for every entrepreneur. 

Being more handy and user-friendly, mobile apps spike sales if built in the correct way, reflecting your ideas. Nevertheless, you have to admit that the entire process of ideation to app development gets tedious. Even the platforms to choose from, like – Android or iOS applications comprise numerous challenges. So let us help you out a bit, on that front.

With some experience over time, it is quite evident that there have to be a lot of questions before you start building an app. That is exactly what we are going to address here today. All the questions that every startup must ask before building an app. Simple.

First things first, trust me, you will need a mobile app for your idea, no matter what. And I will provide all the valid reasons in the article here. So do stay tuned. 

And if you are already sure about the app you want to build, and just waiting for the right tech team, then save your time and reach out to us TODAY.

Why does your idea need an app in the first place?

Innovation in the form of handheld appliances has revolutionized every mode of communication when it comes to your customers. Don’t you agree? As a result, building an app for your business idea,  is really important in today’s scenario.  

Have a look at these statistics:

statistics of mobile users worldwide from 2020-2025

Source: Statista

So if you are thinking otherwise then it may the doors and channelize the entire thing to a more streamlined form of interaction with your customers/leads.

Of course, web apps count too. But we are focusing more on the mobile application part here.

So consider this part as a mandatory stage in the growth of your business, and start building the most promising application in your target market. 

However, one thing is for sure – entrepreneurs often focus more on the idea than its execution. And trust me, that is the worst kind of mistake any startup can make. So take a step back and before hitting the ‘launch’ button ask the following questions and proceed accordingly.

Questions you should ask before building an App

Here is a list of all the questions that you should have the answers to before you start building an app. Let’s check them out.

1. How do you come up with the idea of building an app?

The idea to build an app? Solve a problem. That’s all there is to attract early adopters and launch a successful product.

Once you identify the pain point of the market, and if you are innovative enough, you will involuntarily get ideas to work on. And if you need a tech team for that, TheCodeWork is here for you.

Bonus pointers: Here is a compact list of the question asked above. Have a look!

2. How to protect your App ideas?

Does this seem far-fetched already? Well, I hope not! 

As they already say, ideas are overrated. So yes, execution is what matters the most. If you have an idea and someone else executes it before you do, what’s the point even? I hope you are getting my point. Let’s discuss that, shall we? 

See, this is something that has been happening over time. So have a quick look over all these pointers that I jotted down for you. 

infographic on how to protect your app
  • Copyright your application. Simple.
  • Draft a non-disclosure agreement if you are teaming up with agencies to develop your app.
  • Also, use a Non-Compete Agreement in the same context.
  • Go ahead and apply for a patent.
  • Go for trademark registration.
  • Whatever happens, document everything to keep a written record of the entire loop.

3. Google play store and the Apple App Store? Which platform to choose?

Here’s a dilemma between the Google play store and the Apple App Store. Let’s talk this out a bit, shall we?

biggest app stores in the world

See, the Google Play Store comprises more applications if compared to the Apple App Store. As a result, developers prefer building android apps more than iOS apps. 

Here is a bit by our CEO, Ashish Singh. He explains this preference with the following points:

Google Play Store is one time $25 payment fee for an app to be released.

  • Based on this price point, many individual developers are able to create and publish applications to the play store hence more apps.
  • Mobile app developers generally start with Android development due to more resources, Open Source, etc.
  • Android Shares more than 70% of users worldwide.
  • Android phones have many manufacturers that make them available to the majority of the public.

Apple App Store is $99/year.

  • Pricing reduces individual developers to put their applications in the market.
  • Due to complexity, iOS developers either start as a part of the organization where it is required, else after learning Android, they switch to iOS.
  • iOS has less than 30% users worldwide.
  • Due to the huge price point, users are fewer.

Want to know more about this? Here’s a solution:

4. What makes your app different from competitors?

So basically we are talking about the USP (unique selling proposition) here, right? Let’s find out!

See, in this highly volatile market, your app will obviously compete against various other contemporaries. The point that I am trying to make is that it is easy to enter the market, however retaining customers and staying afloat, is a big deal. 

So to ensure that you need to have a unique selling proposition, or what we call the USP.

You must be wondering how to evaluate that! Let me walk you through that.

infographic on how to decide the use of your app

The following factors will guide you through this for sure!

  • Identify the needs of your target market.
  • Work on user-friendly design.
  • Content is king.
  • Make a scalable app that can be optimized as well.
  • Hire the correct tech team.

Talking of the correct tech team, I would like to introduce TheCodeWork to you. We work with companies to develop products on both fixed cost or a monthly/hourly tech stack-oriented basis.

5. How do I know if my app idea is good enough?

This has to be the major question hovering over your mind. Am I correct? I think I am.

Now this is an obvious one, right? However, let me tell you the problem. Most of the people out there, who develop an app around their ideas, think it to be groundbreaking. See, it’s not bad to be confident, but you should be your own critic too!

Ask this question multiple times: Is my app good enough?

And you know what? I have the solution to finding the correct answer to this. The answer is MVP or Minimum Viable Product. Why? Well, you are making the app for the users, so why not get the feedback to:  “Is my app good enough?” from the users themselves?

MVP helps you validate your business idea by testing the core features of the idea in the target market. How cool is that!

Want to know more about MVP? Have a look here: What every entrepreneur should know about MVP?

6. What are the parameters to decide the price of your app?

This is a really good question. See, the cost of building an app depends on the platform used and the features involved. It’s actually a very wide territory to decide an app development price without the feature list. 

web developer salaries by programming languages

Source: CareerFundry

However to be very precise, the timeline involved, features enlisted and the platform to be used are the prime parameters to decide the price of your app.

Let’s just say, to build a trivial app, two to four months is an ideal time and the development price ranges between 4L to 7L INR. That too considering 2 developers; 1 Backend API developer & 1 Android Developer).

If you want to know the gritty details of pricing parameters around your app, reach out to us any time.


Hmm… that was a long list, but it sure helps!

Now to wrap it up, here are some key factors. All these questions may vary depending on the project involved. It’s natural, right? However, remember to hover around these bits, because trust me, they are important to ask and have answers to. 

Hopefully, this blog gave you an overall coverage of the major topics that the entrepreneurs and their app development teams must have knowledge of, before starting with an app, 

Also, if you are not there yet, don’t lose hope. Instead, step out and collaborate with app development companies and get going with the whole process. Reach out to us at TheCodeWork if you need any help with the development part of your idea or even to build an MVP. 

We are here for you.

And till then, as Nike says, Just Do it.

TheCodeWork Team

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