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Brahim Benaissa @eyenbrahim

I discovered startups when I tried to learn more about Airbnb. I remember the first time I saw the name “Airbnb”. I was looking for a place to stay in Paris. I thought “what a strange name!? this looks too good to be true”. But I kind of had no options so I decided to take my chances. It turned out to be the greatest decision I took that winter. How can someone create such a great experience? The answer was an inspiring story…

I got interested. From the first glance, it seemed like tech startups are usually created by young people; with web developing skills and a great idea, who went and found funding. I later discovered that it’s an acquired skillset and it’s never too late to dig into it for anyone. More and more people can fit into being tech startup founders with a clear set of vision. And with my interest over the time. I thought why not take a shot at this myself?

The idea of my company came as a response to the painful experience of finding and dealing with home renovation contractors. Which was mainly, to find options from different parties is very time consuming and expensive. After studying marketplaces and network effects. I designed my version of great experience. A place where a project owner can receive quotes from professionals, with direct free communication between the customer and the seller. The ability to take on the project as a group of people. Select and manage their projects in the same environment from start to delivery.

I started by working on a very scrappy and basic marketplace, using my newly acquired web developing skills. But I soon realized that it’s going to take me ages. And thus I started looking for a developer from whom I could have outsourced my work. It goes without saying that it landed me in having some pretty bad experiences with third-party developers. Which made it seem like the norm of outsourcing until I found TheCodeWork team. Their team is remarkably well. Not only from the perspective of developing skills, but the consistency and taking initiative for genuinely making a quality product. Their involvement in both Tech and Product Development, made it extremely easy as a founder, to shape my product during my initial days of the startup.

Thanks to TheCodeWork’s help, I am launching my company with a yet stranger name “EyenBros”.

Decoupling is a term introduced by Thales Teixeira. It’s when new companies take on a service dominated by an old company. And concentrate only on a small portion of it and serve customers 10X better.

In the startup scene, the process of creating an e-commerce startup has been completely decoupled. Through platforms like Shopify, Stripe, AWS, and others. But for the rest of tech startups, those where the product requires unique design, coding and a thoughtful step by step product development. The founders still have no option but to develop it or hire different third-party developers. I believe that TheCodeWork is offering great value by combining all and being a specialist in MVPs. By having in-depth discussions with founders right from the ideation stage. I think that they are taking on decoupling the last piece of the process of tech startup creation. Which can widen the range of who can be founders, by allowing more people bringing their vision to life.

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