Importance of CRM: Why your business needs CRM

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25 November 2020 4 minutes read
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Before we begin, allow me to introduce you to the basic concept of CRM. 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The term is almost self-explanatory, isn’t it?

Wait, I will elaborate.

CRM is the basic process of handling interactions with existing and potential clients. It is useful in the management of past clients who have the potential of making a comeback. As per history, several entrepreneurs had to learn the importance of CRM through various struggles. But guess what? You don’t have to. 

You must be thinking why. Well, nowadays, CRM systems have come up which help with the operation of CRM in business. Amazing, isn’t it?

So what do you need to do right now? You just need to study the trends in the market and act accordingly. Personalize your CRM as per the requirements of your existing and potential clients.

Now the main question is how will you know the extent of CRM and its utility in business? Well, we are here for you.

Importance of CRM in business

I am sure you don’t want to do the same repetitive tasks manually all the time. You want to automate such tasks, right?  I know. 

How great would it be to generate leads automatically from the official website?  Every business spends a great amount of time responding to emails. I am sure it must be monotonous as well. 

Hey, guess what?  With the CRM even this becomes manageable and easy. 

Apart from auto-generated tasks, CRM also does supportive tasks. How cool is that? Maintaining a healthy and dynamic customer relationship is the basis of an optimistic future for a business.

Hold up! Let me jot down the points of the importance of CRM and its utility in business:

Implementing CRM in your business

After knowing the importance of CRM, don’t you want to know about its implementation? Yes, you do!

Follow up! You don’t want to miss this!

CRM in business:

Don’t you see how great this is? All this helps in the growth and permanence of your business. So you have a list of the major pointers that deal with CRM and its utility in business. How about the next part of it? Check it out! 

I am sure you don’t want to miss this!

CRM integration tools

By now it must be evident how important CRM is and how CRM systems matter.

Take a look at the CRM integration tools to enhance the effect of it in your business. 

Every business and startup venture that stands at the altar of success, knows the importance of CRM integration tools. 

So why shouldn’t you?

The businesses invest in top-notch CRM system integration tools and make the best use of them! Here’s how!

Email marketing

CRM, on integration with several email marketing tools, works like wonder! It delivers customized marketing contact details to potential customers. 

Not just that, it gives you the perfect return on investment in email marketing tools as well! 

Now isn’t that something you would want for your business?

Example: ZOHO CRM with Mail chimp

Social Media

Integrating social data with that of CRM increases the information database about the customers. How cool is that?

With CRM, the social media manager delivers precise content. It also offers customized offers, further increasing widespread audience data. Now that’s something, right?

Example: Sendible CRM integrated with a social media platform.


Messaging facility with CRM provides a better connection with the audience. 

But that’s not all.  With the integration of message and CRM service, the clients can stay updated with the services offered.

Example: SMS Magic integration with Zoho CRM

Live Chat

Integration of CRM with the live chat service enhances the storage of data. You may be thinking about how it is possible. 

Well, this data is available over the chatbox. 

When a new guest requests a live chat then the CRM automatically captures the data. 

Let me tell you the details. This data consists of the name, contact number, email address, IP location, and so on.

Example: Hubspot, Olark

Advantages of CRM in business

I am pretty sure that you are clear about the concept of CRM and its utility in business, by now.

So let me just summarize the key advantages of CRM here for a quick outlook.

Here you go!


In the commercial world, the practice of handling customers is one of the most significant tasks. 

And why not? They are the major aspect of your business, right? Maintaining a flourishing venture by adding customers in the loop is a predominant activity. I am sure you will agree with me on this. 

So do you get the catch? Using CRM will make the customer dealing situation better.  Also, guess what? CRM will also help your business with the latest trends in business and marketing in the best way possible!

Like it? I know you do! 

In a nutshell, every corporate organization must install full-fledged CRM systems to deal with the business requirements.

TheCodework has helped a number of startups and entrepreneurs build their own business, and can help you build your own CRM system too. Do get in touch with us if you need TheCodeWork to set up a clear go-to-market strategy for your startup idea with our unique MVP approaches.

Let’s make it happen!

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