Importance Of UI/UX for Your Startup Business

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18 March 2020 3 minutes read
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Proven Fact: Be it a mobile app or a website, the most important aspect of a product is the user experience.

Example: The sole reason behind Microsoft becoming the most used Operating System was its Graphic User Interface. Simple to understand and easy to use is the key.

An important aspect being looked over by the developers which result in the failure of your online business is the user experience of your website or mobile apps. People generally get confused between UI and UX. Let’s see what exactly is UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), and why does it affect your business.

UI (User Interface)

UI development is the process of constructing the appearance of an application. Improvising the presentation and the interactivity of the web or mobile application including all the controls like buttons, blocks, choice of colors, your corporate identity and all the elements being used to make the application look attractive.

Hence it can be said that the foremost object of a good UI development is to make an app enjoyable, easy to use and effective interaction between the user and the application.

UX (User Experience)

As the name suggests, the idea behind a good UX development is to give its users the best possible experience. User Experience (UX)  accounts for emotions, preference, perception, the desire of the end-users during and after using the application. An app’s comprehensibility and simplicity amplify a satisfactory user experience. 

The flow of controls should be made as such the customers find it easy to achieve its objective. As an alternative, a good UX is the one that encounters a specific user’s requirements in a precise situation wherever he or she tries to get hold of the utility of the product.

Why an App needs an effective UI/UX

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