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2020 is being a standout year in the most negative sense possible. The natural and manmade calamities have wrapped the whole world up and all that we are doing this year is surviving. With the global outbreak of the coronavirus, the world has become a frame of individuals locked up at home, trying to dodge the pandemic in every way possible.

But for how long? Lockdown isn’t a permanent solution for this temporary problem with the economy getting affected severely. Several established businesses are hitting new lows with the global situation. Starting from the first world countries to the underdeveloped nations, almost everyone is hit.

The world is now clearly divided into two fragments. One is, medical and the other is economical. Therefore, apart from surviving physically from the lashes of COVID-19. Further what we need to look out for, is surviving in this drowning economy and making it big from here.

Thus, what are the most in-demand business and career goals that one needs to survive the economical fragment of 2020? Let’s check it out!

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Science and Technology

Technology is developing at a swift pace bringing in variations and advancement, every day. If someone has not adapted in the domain of technology at present, then he/she can be called socially handicapped in a way. New careers and job perspectives are evolving each second in this domain.

With these developing professions and careers, a huge number of vacancies are being created each day. The fields related to engineering and data science, are absorbing candidates that are decently equipped with concepts like artificial intelligence, digital currency, and so on. The demand for this sector is more in developed and developing countries.

Want to be a part of the global trend? Let us present to you the most in-demand jobs for the 21st century. The pandemic situation here or not, these jobs will never run out of vacancies for now.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is globally identified as AI. It is gradually making its way into all operative grounds of life. Starting from Medicine to manufacturing, law, management, and what not! Using AI, the administrations are aiming to replace the everyday dull jobs with bots loaded with artificial intelligence.

The present employees will get a totally new workspace and platform to work on if they acquire the relevant skillset. This is the best way to optimize work, keeping in mind a healthy work environment in the quarters.

Eligible Skills:
  • Statistical knowledge in software
  • Statistical knowledge in computing tools
  • Knowledge of scripting language.

2. Blockchain

Digital currencies like bitcoin have become synonymous with the term “blockchain”. It is a form of security that secures the data by blocking it so that no changes can be made. The “chain” word in “blockchain” refers to the system of connected data that is independent to validate further transactions.

According to the study, blockchain has become one of the most growing sectors with respect to job vacancies. It is a master tool to guard the security of valuable possessions like real estate, art as well as medical records, in addition to improving the Quality of supply chain.

Eligible Skills:
  • Understanding the concept of financial activities and transactions
  • Understanding investment
  • Proficient in relevant computer applications and tools

3. Machine Learning

This is more like a subset of artificial intelligence where computers are equipped to perform tasks that they are not used to. Being an innovative line, it is highly in demand in the world of growing technological advancement.

Activities like data analytics, pattern recognition as well as data mining are the domains that highly require this tool and skill set. This field requires professionals related to the algorithm, data science, and so on.

Eligible skills:
  • Database
  • Data science
  • Programming skills
  • Python
  • Data cleaning
  • Organizing Data

4. Data Analytics

The digital presence of various websites and brands generate a huge amount of data from the internet. This can be interpreted meaningfully to discover some important facts about the performance of the respective organization. This process is called “Customer-oriented Customization”, as customers enjoy the topmost priority here.

With the importance of digital presence at present, this is an emerging field that deserves to be explored. Vacancies are available for data designers and visualizers and analysts.

Eligible Skills:
  • Statistical knowledge
  • AMOS
  • SmartPLS
  • Eviews

5. Data Scientist

A data scientist is a subset of data analytics. The only difference is that data analytics work on the surface level whereas data science dives deeper. It is mostly about database designs and algorithms.

This helps to build intelligent bots and machines using the concepts of data science. This is an ever-emerging field that is not going to stop anytime soon. Data science is also one of the highest paying jobs at present.

Eligible Skills:
  • Machine learning
  • Communication
  • Programming and statistical skills
  • Visualization skills
  • Data intuition

6. Robotics and IoT Process Automation

This is basically an automation job based on technology. This includes artificial intelligence as well as machine learning. Businesses are usually automated using this concept. For example, validating transactions, inferring apps, etc. it is also used to reply to emails on various occasions.

Robotic Process Automation is generating jobs by changing the prevailing job interface. Regular repetitive tasks are being automated through this. Study says that almost 50% of jobs are capable of being partially automated. RPA bids openings to individuals with skillsets like project director, designer, commercial analyst, advisor, etc.

Eligible Skills:
  • Programming skills
  • Mechatronics
  • Embedded systems
Entertainment and media written in blue background

Entertainment / Media

We live in a generation where attention is everything that you need to make it big, at times at the expense of the quality. The real and virtual world is flooded with people or brands who know this game too well. They get in our face, trying to sell their products or just to get the exposure. People are making fluffy content tirelessly just for the sake of attention which further broadens the exposure in the market.

Once you grab the eyeballs, you gain a base and correspondingly, your work hits the niche market. For the right kind of business, you need attention along with good quality and authenticity.

How does that affect you?

Well, you need to understand that, what you are trying to achieve is probably the goal of a lot many out there. To stand out, all you need is to display your perceptions, awareness, and personal experiences as a brand USP to the customers.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Blogs

If you have decent writing skills and most importantly, if you love to write, this is the most in-demand business at present. Just pour out your visions and thoughts in content creation and see people engaging with it.

2. Video Creation

It was a tough thing to master, but with the new market places like Tik-Tok and many such applications, has made the process much easier and gained popularity. Most of the people nowadays are adapting to it. They incorporate their daily experiences as a normal individual may have had in life. They wrap the content up, with some humor, and put it out there. This is a real hit business skill since 2018 and is still going strong.

3. Social Media

Well, this one is really doing well now. With the global lockdown situation, teenagers and young adults are stuck at home. All they do is surf social media and discover new “influencers” each day, adding to their wholesome business. This is something to look forward to.

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Start-up / Entrepreneurship

With the lockdown situation, there are depreciations in corporate salaries and the whole many lay-offs. If nothing else works, you can always be your own boss and work for yourself rather than anyone else.

Entrepreneurs are ruling the world for some time now. The only difference would be that they had the courage to take up something like that, without any push or any pandemic situation.

Let’s take a look at how it may work:

  • Step 1: Step up and move forward with the idea that you have been sheltering inside your head all this while.
  • Step 2: Work on it. Develop a business model. Work on it again. And keep working for it.
  • Minimum viable product/MVP: When you decide to start with the idea of a business, try to take the MVP approach. MVP helps you hit the niche market effectively without wasting time and resources. We, at TheCodeWork, assist entrepreneurs with their MVP approach with a go-to-market strategy.
  • Step 3: Technological skill- Technical knowledge is important. As a founder, to survive in a tech-savvy world is challenging if you are naïve in this field.
  • Step 4: Bookkeeping– Keeping a record of your accounts is important.
  • Step 5: Capital- Also, choosing between bootstrapping and crowdfunding to get a hold of the capital is crucial. Read more about it. How you start is important.
  • Step 6: Problem-solving- Think critically and do not panic. This will help you to move past any mental roadblock that you may have while changing career goals.
  • Step 7: Leadership skills- Well, isn’t this the highlight? As an entrepreneur and a leader, you need to encourage people to get something done. That type of management skill is, and what employees look for in their seniors.


The world seems to be coming to an end this year, but we can’t really stop everything and anticipate that, right? Keep moving and don’t stop thinking. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining. Find your silver lining in 2020 and make the best out of it. Hopefully, this article has helped you in a way. For more such related content, check out our website TheCodework.

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