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iOS Vs Android – What is the buzz here? Well, today we are talking about which platform suits your business the best for developing mobile applications. See, these days, websites are not enough to scale your business. People are changing, the world is changing and everyone wants everything at their fingertips. That is where the necessity of building mobile applications jumps in.

Mobile applications have become the mandatory essence for all businesses. Why? Well, they are handy and more user-friendly in a certain way. Don’t you agree? As a result building, mobile apps for your business is the most important part of scaling a business these days. Now the major question is, which platform should you choose – iOS or Android? 

Well, worry no more, because we are here to help you conclude the war between iOS vs Android. 

I hope you are excited about this!

Also, you must be aware of the fact that Android & iOS are the two most prevalent operating systems worldwide. With a fair share of customer base and loyalty, both of them are afloat in their respective domains. This is what makes it harder to choose between the two.

Okay, I know what you are thinking! Why not develop for both platforms and end this dilemma once and for all? Well, we have that covered too! So just trust me and keep reading. 

I am sure you don’t want to miss this!

iOS Vs Android – Which platform should you use for business?

As per reports, Android & iOS, have captured 97 percent of the global app development domain. Can you believe that? With these statistics, it is safe to conclude that no other platform is worth a try in such a crowded market. However, it’s a difficult task to decide which one to choose. 

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Why Not Develop Apps for Both Platforms?

iOS Vs Android

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Here is the million-dollar question I suppose! So let’s get on with this before discussing the core of the blog.

If you are starting a business and want to develop mobile apps for both platforms, then it can delay your market entry as well as drain your resources. I am sure you won’t prefer that in the initial stages.

In addition to all that, hiring separate teams who have expertise in the respective field is a tiring task and can drain out all your energy. 

So let’s keep it simple for starters! What do you think?

Parameters to help you choose a platform for your mobile app

iOS Vs Android

Source: Medium

Now if you are reading this, then I suppose you want to keep it simple in the initial phase. Congratulations, that is a wise decision that you just made. 

So moving on, check out the parameters that will help you choose the correct platform for your business.

Here we go!

1. Target Audience

iOS Vs Android

Let’s start with tracking ownership percentages of iOS & Android in your niche market.  This will help you understand and analyze the demographics of your target audience. 

Don’t you see where I am going with this? 

The user demographics shed light on the age group, location, budget, & gender of your target audience. With such information, you can understand the market and the possible preference of platform of your target market. 


2. Talent Availability & Cost of Acquisition

iOS Vs Android

This is all about resources.

You must be familiar with the fact that Android developers cannot develop iOS applications and vice versa. The tech stack requirement is entirely different which is difficult to cross-perform.

For example, the Android tech stack includes Java whereas the iOS tech stack includes Swift/Objective – C. in addition to the tech stack dilemma, iOS developers are usually more expensive to hire (around 10-15% more expensive). However, iOS applications are faster (30-40%) to build.

I have an explanation for this as well.

The thing is, Android is used on a large-scale basis. Hence, the testing part requires a huge range of screens of varying sizes which is time-consuming.

Now that’s something to ponder upon!

3. Expense & Reviewing Procedure

iOS Vs Android

The thing is, app development is not just about coding. 

The reviewing method to launch it in an app store is a lengthy one. Therefore, if time is a factor here, then try not to choose iOS.

Now coming to the main part –

Android apps usually get approved faster than iOS apps. This is due to the strict guidelines imposed on iOS applications. 

Pro Tip: So if you are running on a tight schedule, maybe you should launch the MVP version for Android apps only. 

4. Monetization

iOS Vs Android

Okay, so about the money-making part, let me slide this information here:

The app monetization policy of the Google Play store is 88% lesser than that of the Apple store.

You must be wondering why and how! Well, the iOS apps showed great results for their subscription models and in-app purchases. That’s the core factor.

Also, keep a tab on the increasing revenue of Google Play store mobile apps per year. For example, From, Google Play Store apps have shown a jump from $14-15 billion in 2016 to a whopping $ 38 billion in 2020.

Time to decide!

Insights on the Existing Scenario of iOS and Android Apps

This is the best part of the article where you get the present-day scenario to make an informed decision. So here we go!      

Global Market Share: iPhone vs Android

iPhone vs Android statistic

Source: Google

The global market share of the iPhone is more than 1 billion since its launch in 2007.

However, Android is still the number 1 mobile operating system in the global market despite its struggle to beat Apple in the United States and Japan. Do you know the number of Android users at present has crossed 2.5 billion!

India, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, and Indonesia, occupy more than 85-90% of the Android market share.

So if you compare the existing global market share, then it is safe to say that – Android is the winner!

App Revenue: Which will generate more revenue?

Report on revenue generation of iPhone vs Android

As per reports, the Google Play store generated around $ 12.1 billion in the third quarter of 2021 where users downloaded more than 26 billion Android apps. 

But hold on.

The reports also state that, with just 8 billion iOS app downloads from the Apple App Store, total revenue of $ 21 billion was generated! 

So when it comes to generating app revenues – Apple’s App Store wins!

User Retention and Engagement

Report on User Retention and Engagement of iPhone vs Android

Source: BuildFire

Talking of building apps for your business, building a loyal customer base is the major task concerned. Trust me when I say that.

And talking of user retention and engagement, reports reveal that Android customers form a more reliable customer base.

Individual user loyalty for both Android and iOS have been escalating, but the mass agrees with Android customer loyalty.

This is a major point to have in mind.

I hope I haven’t confused you.

Wait, let me take you to the next section for the clearest insight!

When Should you Choose Android App Development for your business?

You should go with Android as the platform for your mobile app, if:

  • Your target audience is globally distributed running from multiple locations
  • You have diverse elements and features to include and deliver
  • You are in a hurry to enter the market
  • Your budget is on an economical side

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When Should You Choose iOS App Development for your business?

You should go with iOS as the platform for your mobile app, if:

  • Your target audience is majorly based in USA or Japan
  • You have details of the user demographics which tilt towards iOS users
  • You are in no hurry to enter the market
  • Your budget is flexible

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Hopefully, we have answered all the possible questions that can arise while talking about iOS Vs Android. Basically, it all depends on the user demographics and how well you plan your business. The choice can vary for startups and growth-stage businesses.

There is no hard and fast rule for any sector. It’s all about your vision and the goals that you have for your business or business idea. So in this case, you can settle the battle of iOS Vs Android by focusing on your business goals and prioritizing accordingly.

We have merely jotted down some facts that can help you decide and I hope it does. However, if you still have any questions that we missed out on, feel free to reach out to us at TheCodeWork. And if you are looking to hire a tech team to start building your app, we are here for you again.

Till then, good luck!

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