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First and foremost, we need to understand the concept of a USP before starting with the topic. USP is the abbreviation for a unique selling point or unique selling proposition, which happens to be a differential influence, permitting the start-up business to stand out among the other contenders in the global market. Moreover, a USP

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Entrepreneurship is a complex zone due to the rigorous competition in the market nowadays. But even so, anybody can aspire to be an entrepreneur, on condition that the startup possesses the right team and funds. These fundamental requirements are the things you might already possess or the things that you desire. These two are comparatively

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There exists a very old school question and that is, should one bootstrap the business, or attempt to raise capital funding? The thing is that, if you receive finance from external stockholders then they will influence a great effect on how your organization should work or how you should run your enterprise — hence, it

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The word “marketable” defines the knowledge which the article or the concept delivers to the client about the stages of digital start-ups. With the advent of diverse steps for a tech merchandise start-up, it’s difficult to agree on the correct workflow. Each of these terms (MMF, MMP, and MMR) serves a precise objective and takes

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