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A Self-sustaining guide for startups and every entrepreneur. A startup goes through numerous phases in the beginning. 

The sole journey of an entrepreneur begins from trusting his or her ideas and capabilities. Then comes the phase of convincing others to see through these ideas and sell it to them. Isn’t that precise?

At present, the market is crowded with budding start-ups and their brilliant ideas. However, a good idea is never enough. I am sure you would agree with me on this.

So what else do you need?  Well, you need self-sustenance.  You need it to survive the severe competition, unstable economy.

To thrive in a frequently changing market, a self-sustaining guide will keep you afloat! Awesome, right?

So to get through this, there are several rules to play by. Don’t worry! We are here to help you with that guidance.

In this article let’s talk about the various ways to self-sustain in this competitive and crowded start-up market.

Ways to sustain business growth

Starting a business is easier than it seems. Want to know the hard part?

It is about maintaining the flow and growth of the business.

Also, it is always beneficial to have a self-sustenance guide for startups to help you through the initial stages, right?

Allow me to introduce some of the best self-sustaining principles for business growth:

1. Develop a proper business plan

You must be thinking of a business plan? Again? So, let me break this down.

An appropriate business plan comes with a noteworthy advantage.

You must be wondering how to do to make a proper business plan, right?

See a business plan is the written narrative of the future of your business.  You just need to write out your plans for what you want to do and how you want to do it.

Characteristically, these plans summarize the first few years of your basic business strategies. Makes it simple, doesn’t it?

See where I am going with this? The business plan is a priority. It helps you in the clean execution of the plans that you set up.

2. Get proper funding

Self-funding/bootstrapping is nowadays increasingly growing as a trend. Thinking how it works? 

Well, the entrepreneurs make the most of their current capital.  Then they gradually move on to the personal funds.  

Bootstrapping is a self-sustaining guide for startups that works great as an economic tool. 

According to research almost 80% of the start-ups these days follow bootstrapping.

Why the popularity? Let’s have a quick look:

  • Saves time as you don’t need to run after investors.
  • You are the sole owner of the company and not answerable to the investors. Who doesn’t like complete freedom anyway?
  • It boosts your efficiency as you know that you are on your own.
  • Urges you to be creative.

For more details on bootstrapping, do follow our article on the topic at TheCodeWork.

3. Find a location and build a website

Your startup business requires a physical address as well as a web address.

Having a workspace enables you to operate more efficiently. It promotes healthy teamwork too!

Start promoting your business right from the moment you set it up! It is never too early to do that. Isn’t that what you want for your business anyway?

If the clients are searching for a specific service online, you should let them know that you exist!

A physical address and a website is the way to it.

4. Be a marketing expert

Marketing is the real tool of self-sustenance and growth. If you think you aren’t skilled enough, learn it.

Why is this useful?

See, you may deliver the best product and service in your respective industry, but if no one knows of you, then what is the point, right?

You don’t want to miss this part.

Here, have a quick look at the tools that you may use as a marketing expert:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising

5. Creating a customer base is an important guide for startups

I hope you are following up in the right order. Are you? 

If you are, then let me give you the good news. You are already on the right track to building a great customer base! How cool is that?

Take a look at how you do it:

  • Enhance your digital presence.
  • Build a website.
  • Reach out to the customers in the initial stages.
  • Follow leads.
  • Work on your communication skills.

The customer has to be your top-notch priority. Isn’t that obvious though?

They are the self-sustaining support system of your business.

6. Remain relevant

Want to know a sad bit?

If somehow manage to go off-trend, then it is really difficult to return. 

So do take this pointer very seriously.

Please do not wait to execute this till the worst has happened. I know you won’t.

All you need to do is stay at the top of the charts. Stay within the reach of what people want and need. Isn’t that something you would want for your business?

Do you know what else you can do?

You can deliver fresh additions to the prevailing services. Just do not forget to pay attention to the relevance that you seek in the market.

7. Customer service as a guide for startups

There is a saying, “Trust is the basis of any relationship”, right? Well, it works in the client and customer service relationship as well.

Be careful with this segment. One tiny error and you lose the trust of valuable customers. 

There won’t even be time to explain. This is how it works.

Do you see the objective here?

No matter what you work on, be it reinvention, growth, or expansion, customer service has to be a priority.


Business, startup ventures, and companies are really difficult to build. 

Consequently, there exist numerous ways to build a prosperous and self-sustaining business platform. 

Becoming a self-sustaining business organization is the most important goal as a startup venture.

So buckle up and work on that idea that you have been preserving since late! Do get in touch with us at TheCodeWork, if you need to build an MVP or similar services.

Let’s make it happen!

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