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2 December 2020 5 minutes read
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With the advent of the digital era, visual content has become very significant. It adds to the promotional and marketing aspect of a brand. Isn’t that pretty evident?

However, to make this happen, graphic designers use highly-priced software. Do you know what’s even worse? They usually have to invest in additional costly resources to build an appealing visual campaign. 

But hey! Don’t you worry! We are here to help you out through this informative article here! With the online free resources listed here, you can easily create superior visual stories for your brand. 

So follow up! 

You surely don’t want to miss this and deprive the creative instinct inside you!

The best resources at hand

Designing a graphic visual treat comprises of a lot of aspects. For example, images, fonts, videos, vectors, color palettes, and what not!  So guess what? We have broken down these categories as per the free resources that we collected for you!

Cool, right? Have a look!

Free images

1. Unsplash:

Unsplash is an absolute delight. You have to trust me when I say this. It has a huge collection of high-resolution pictures that are free of cost! Can you believe this?  It’s popular among all types of content creators!

2. Pexels:

Pexels is a library of about 25,000 pictures and maybe even more! The pictures have tags with keywords to help you find them easily.  Not just that! It is free for all types of commercial and legal use.

3. Rgbstock:

The best part about this site is the makers. A bunch of graphic designers and photographers came up with Rgbstock. Amazing, isn’t it? It features a comprehensive collection of free stock photos. 

Also, as the developers of the site are also the ones who work in this field, the results are very satisfactory.

4. DesignersPics:

This gallery of pictures comprises edited photos that are ready for a visual treat.  Want to know the best part? It includes content for blogs, marketing campaigns, and even memes! How cool is that? 

A complete package I would say!  

The high-resolution pictures are free to use both on commercial and personal platforms!

5. FindA.Photo:

This is a bit more exclusive than the others listed here! You must be wondering why! 

Allow me to explain.

Color stories are trending nowadays. The shades and overlays are working like magic in bringing a change to the gallery. So here you go! FindA.Photo lets you explore high-resolution photos, based on color palettes.  Isn’t that something you would love for your content?

However, not all photos are for the public domain. Do check before using. 

Free illustrations

1. Drawkit:

Drawkit is a gallery of free, attractive, editable SVG illustrations. Also, guess what? The Illustrations are MIT Licensed. Cool, right? You can use these in your project, app, or website without worrying about license issues.

2. Humaaans:

This is a collection of modular, vector illustration of human characters. Also, guess what? You can edit them in any way that you desire. You can mix them up, match, interchange, and change their position as you like. 

Whatever you come up with is free for commercial as well as personal use.

3. Ouchpics:

This is an assortment of vector illustrations that are purely free of cost! Not just that, the supply here, is clean, vibrant, and chic. These are useful for any format of design, be it app user interface or web!

Lovely, right? I know!

4. Lukasz Adam free illustrations:

Lukasz Adam is an autonomous designer. He created good quality vector art illustrations as well as icons. Yes, you guessed it! He made them available on various platforms for free.

5. Undraw:

This is one of the best sites for open-source illustrations. It has content for any idea that you can visualize and create. Hold up! You need to know this!

The creators update the site regularly to keep up with trends in design projects! Sounds good? You may use both SVG and PNG versions from the site, totally free of cost. Wait up! The best part is yet to come!

You can change the color of the illustrations as per the primary color from your project! Isn’t that brilliant? You can just set the color by the color code and all the illustrations that pop up will have the respective color.

Brilliant, I know!

Free fonts

1. Type Genius:

The site helps you with the perfect font combination. Now this is important, right? Fonts decide the whole outlook of a design. So here you go! 

2. Google fonts:

Google has a huge collection of web fonts. Users can effortlessly locate these fonts and add them to their design.  All fonts are open source. This helps the designers modify the outlook as required. 

Smooth and easy, see?

Colour Scheme Generators

1. Coolors:

This is the go-to resource for every designer who is confused about the color palette! You can explore and generate your color palette for free! Don’t you just love it?

2. Adobe Color CC:

Worried about generating the flawless color scheme? Stop right now! With Adobe Color CC, your worries are irrelevant. Just choose any color from the palette. What’s next? It gets better. 

Adobe suggests alternatives to generate analogous and monochromatic color schemes from the color that you choose.

3. Paletton:

Similar to Adobe, Paletton makes you choose colors from a color wheel. The algorithm is similar and hassle-free. The color that you choose is will create monochrome color palettes and combinations.

Easy, right? And guess what? You can also tweak options like saturation, hue, contrast, and brightness.

4. Muzli color generator:

Muzli is acolor scheme generator that uses in-depth learning. It can study color palettes from photos, moving graphics as well as popular art.

Cool, right? And all of this without any investment!

Free icons

1. Freepik:

Freepik flaunts one of the major collections of online digital resources. It offers quality photos and illustrations and even icons for commercial and personal use. Oh yes, all for free!

2. Flaticon:

This site is like a sister channel of Freepik. It boasts of the hugest database of vector icons, available for free on the internet. All you need to do is, enter keywords for searches. Your screen will be flooded with options for a single word! 

You have to trust me with this. It is one of the best sites for icons!

3. DeviantArt:

This site offers more than 20,000 free icons for commercial and personal use. And yes you are right! The target audience is a vibrant community of designers and artists. 

Okay, this is important.

Most of the icons are free to use, but some may need attribution. Do check before usage!

Design inspiration

1. CreativeBloq:

This blog offers ideas for illustrators, web designers, graphic designers, and 3D/VFX artists. Cool, right?

You get a hold of the modern trends in global design, digital art, and typography! Now isn’t that something you want for your growth in the creative domain?

2. Behance

Behance is a fragment of the Adobe network. It is a vibrant online platform to discover and showcase creativity.  This includes illustration, art, graphic design, animation, and UI design.

You have to check it out!

3. Dribble

This is a creative hub that allows the distribution of ideas in the international design community. Designers showcase their work and openly seek inspiration from that of others. 

Isn’t this how you grow? Right!


So to sum it up, graphic designers do not need to stress about resources that much after all. Right?

Hop on to these sites, and collect your free design resources. These are reliable, easy to download, and high-quality! Can it get any better? So buckle up and use the best of these resources to craft a visual treat for your brand and business!

Talking of business, if you are new in the market and need a go-to-strategy for your product, reach out to us at TheCodeWork. We are here for you!

Happy creativity!

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